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Hello Kitten

Posted on Nov, 21, 2011

Yesterday, my sister brought home a kitten. My whole family (except mom kao_lol.gif) LOVES cats! BUT the only problem is … the kitten look like a week old kao_sweat.gif


She said she found it alone on the streets so she took it in. Everyone was mad at her because it’s mom might have been nearby and she just took it from there kao_mad.gif. HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO RAISE THIS?! kao_cry.gif Just seeing it breaks my heart! It’s still blind and can’t even stand! Kittens this age needs their mothers kao_sweat.gif plus feeding it milk is so hard and it won’t drink most of it kao_cry.gif


We had lots of cats before. So we pretty sure know how to take care of them. But kittens we had that are this young had their mother with them and grew up to be annoying kao_lol.gif so what am I supposed to do with this one without it’s mom? kao_confused.gif
It really breaks my heart seeing it like this with it’s cries kao_cry.gif I’m so afraid that it’s gonna die ..
Does anyone know how my sister and I can raise such a young kitten? kao_cry.gif


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  1. you guys go to a store that sells pet supplies and u find this milk that is for baby cats when they are not winged yet and u feed it to them with a bottle

  2. I didn’t know there was a milk for baby cats lol! we’re just giving it normal milk, is it not good?
    I’m giving it with a bottle but it seems that it’s just too big for it’s mouth .. I’ll be getting a new smaller one soon.
    Thanks for the advice :D

  3. Awwww how precious! I feel for you, it’s a very young cat, and I’d be freaking out too thinking it might die. If you don’t find baby cat milk at the store, just dilute (add water) to the regular milk. The regular milk is too heavy and might give it diarrhea which might kill it, so add plenty of water to the milk and try to find a tiny little bottle to feed it.
    Once I found two puppies alone without the mother, they were so tiny they did not know how to drink milk on their own, I had to teach them by dipping my finger in the milk and feeding them. They grew up just fine too, they live in Dominican Republic in my grandmother’s farm home.

  4. woah I didn’t know that the milk was heavy! is this why it’s stomach looks so big? *freaks out* I’ll make sure to add plenty of water in the bottle tomorrow! (is night and kitten is sleeping now)and am going to get a smaller bottle as well since I really feel sorry for it about forcing to open it’s mouth to drink :(
    Thanks a lot for the advice Rosie :D and hope the dogs stays healthy!

  5. You’re welcome and I hope Kitty turns out to be a healthy fat cat (my fav type of cat). By the way, did you name it yet? Is it a boy or a girl?

  6. Hehehe yah me too, I LOVE fat cats! :D I named it Mikan. It’s a boy I think, nothing is really that visible yet *cough* lol

  7. Cute, great advises from the others, btw I commented on your new “calendar” post, it did not appear.

  8. It must’ve been considered as a spam. I’ll de-spam it :D

  9. Sorry for not replying in a while, got busy. Awww, I feel your pain. It’s like that time where I used to live in another neighborhood and we picked up this cute little dog (who resembled a character called ‘Gromit’ so we named him that) and took care of him for a while. But when he was healthy enough, Dad shooed it back to the place where we found him (DAD WHY MUST YOU BE SO CRUEL). Hmmm…the milk does seem like a problem, but to be honest, I have no idea how to raise cats, since all we have are dogs…I just hope for the best though. :(

  10. Pao-chan!! missed you! I’ve had lots of hard time raising it, but sadly it passed away recently :’(

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