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Hello Kitty in my car!

Posted on Nov, 15, 2011

I’ve been back from my trip for a week now, but I didn’t really blog about it kao_lol.gif I’ll post pictures from the trip later though, since I don’t have them with me right now kao_smile.gif


A couple of days ago mom bought me THESE for my car! kao_mad.gif

This actually took me some time to put kao_laughing.gif
It’s a sun shield!!! kao_kiss.gif
It looks like this when opened heart_bounce.gif

Thanks mom! you’re the best EVER!!kao_blush.gif


Oh and when I was returning home from university today, I saw this amazing scene! so I just had to take a picture kao_happy.gif

I was actually driving at that moment kao_lol.gif

Notice how my country misses the ‘green’ element kao_cry.gif so depressing!


And one last thing for today! This vocaloid song (it was just released yesterday) had been stuck in my head ever since! kao_mad.gif it’s so amazing and the art is so beautiful too! heart_bounce.gif wish you guys would see it kao_kiss.gif


I dunno why I haven’t added a ‘Hello Kitty’ tag before kao_confused.gif but here it is now!! kao_cheering.gif


3 Responses to “Hello Kitty in my car!”

  1. You have a super awesome mom! I love the things she got for your car, very cute and very you :)
    The picture of the sunset is beautiful! I love it

  2. Thanks :D my mom is so cool!! I’m lucky to have her!

  3. You have such a nice mom! Hehe…and the Hello Kitty looks incredibly nice in your car! :D

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