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Posted on Oct, 31, 2011

It’s been a while since my last post kao_sweat.gif university is been killing me with tests, assignments, HWs and reports kao_cry.gif I’ve been wanting to post for a while but didn’t really have the time to do so.
So I just wanted to at least wish everyone a Happy Halloween kao_kiss.gif It’s not ‘really’ celebrated here in my country though kao_lol.gif but we do have something similar to it called “Gerga’on” kao_laughing.gif but instead of costumes, kids wear their country’s national costume. Same concept thoughkao_smile.gif I guess kao_lol.gif
Oh and another thing! I would like to wish my friend Rosie a Happy Birthday! kao_smile.gif so Happy Birthdaaay! kao_cheering.gif Sorry it came a bit late, but I wanted to tell you for a while but didn’t have the chance to kao_sweat.gif I hope you had a wonderful time heart_bounce.gif


Today was a great day! We finally had the temperature below 30C kao_cheering.gif it was 26.5C in the morning, but it still got around 32C in the afternoon. So the weather was a bit cool kao_yes.gif
oh and our first clouds in MONTHS! kao_love.gif


oh how I love clouds! I haven’t seen one in a long time kao_mad.gif Stupid street light ruined the picture though kao_sweat.gif
Noon came and took the clouds away kao_cry.gif I hope to see more tomorrow kao_blush.gif


3 Responses to “Clouds”

  1. Thank you!!!!!!!!! And the clouds are lovely. I would actually love to live in a place where the climate is warm and not freezing like it is here

  2. A Happy Halloween to you too~! Wait, first cloud in months? I see clouds all the time in here…weeiirrrd. What I find interesting about clouds is how they seem to look like stuff sometimes and watching them move by~

  3. @Rosie: Np!! :D I’m sick of warm weather! I wanna freeze! I just wish that there will be a winter where I’ll actually get cold.
    @Pauline: YES! there is rarely any clouds here thanks to the killing sun! The poor clouds gets evaporated :(

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