Animania 2011!!

Posted on Aug, 08, 2011

Animania 2011 finally has got a fixed date!! kao_cheering.gif the event was announced a while back but they didn’t really have a fixed date for it, BUT NOW THEY DO! 10th September here I come! kao_mad.gif

Since I couldn’t really attend the previous animecon thanks to my parents not allowing me and my bad foot kao_sweat.gif I guess I’ll be using the cosplay that I’ve prepared but never got to wear kao_laughing.gif

I’m not missing the animecon this time! kao_yes.gif Hopefully I’ll have my license by then and go on my own kao_blush.gif UWAAAAAH I’M SUPER EXCITED ABOUT THIS! kao_love.gif


On another note, messing up at youtube has become a habit of mine kao_laughing.gif and I stumbled upon THIS!

SLAYERS NEXT OPENING! kao_mad.gif OMG THE MEMORIES! I really felt like crying while watching this kao_lol.gif

aah nostalgia heart_bounce.gif where did all the good times go?


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  1. How terrible that they didn’t let you go! But hey, this is your chance to go and have some anime fun! Hope you take lots of pics :)

  2. September 10th - so soon.) So good!)
    oh yeah, Slayers - such already distant but pleasant days of fun. ^w^

  3. @Rosie: yah D: I really wanted to go! But this time I won’t miss it! I’ll take tones of pictures and share it here with everyone! ^-^
    @Muyo: yyeess am so excited! It’s only a month away! hurry up time xD
    Slayers is just awesome! I really miss all the 90s anime LOL

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  5. BTW I love intro.

  6. Slayers Next is just amazing!

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