Animecon + Final Fantasy

Posted on May, 20, 2011

Yaay so we’re going to have an new animecon here! kao_cheering.gif Since the martial law is gonna be lifted from my country on June 1st, we’re having the con at June 30th!! kao_yes.gif My birthday is on June 29th kao_lol.gif so having an animecon is like a birthday present to me kao_mad.gif

This is the banner we’re having kao_happy.gif  Banicon actually refers to Bahrain (my country) Anime Convention kao_lol.gif they kinda mixed them together to get Banicon kao_laughing.gif


My friends and I were actually planning to go to Anime Expo 2011 that’ll be held in LA on July 1-4! Since it’s like the biggest EVER! kao_mad.gif But convincing our parents to go half way around the world to the US was kinda hard kao_sweat.gif and then the news about the animecon that’ll be held here came out, sooo .. we kinda canceled it kao_cry.gif

But there is always next year right? kao_cute.gif It’s one of my dreams to attend an Anime Expo! kao_mad.gif So I’ll make sure to convince my parents about it for next year to go to the US kao_smile.gif


Another thing is that I’m starting to get addicted to Final Fantasy VII: Crises Core kao_mad.gif


I’ve been playing it everywhere and all the time!  kao_mad.gif While heading to collage, my free time at collage, while heading back home, at home, even while I’m on PC kao_shocked.gif

Well I guess it cant be helped .. since I’m such an RPG addict, and a total SQUARE ENIX freak kao_lol.gif Plus Final Fantasy never fails to amuse me kao_happy.gif

It’s a really great game! kao_wink.gif


Here is the opening of the game kao_smile.gif (not really a song though)


Wow I sometimes wonder if what I’m doing is healthy kao_confused.gif Games and Anime addict! Anyone thinks I should cut loose a bit? Because I seriously don’t know if my lifestyle like this is wrong or not kao_shocked.gif


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  1. Oh, wow! An Animecon! I never went to one, only a cosplay event with my friend. ^^ (Only visited her, though. I didn’t actually participate.) Ooh! Final Fantasy! I only played a few games of it (which I never finished) and watched a few of it too. I guess we’re kinda the same. I’m a huge anime and game addict too! Which is probably why I’m getting lazier nowadays…

  2. This will be the second animecon they hold here in Bahrain! I had such a blast in the previous one since I was featured in 2 magazines and was on one cover! Was an amazing feeling :D
    I’m getting lazier by the day too :( I’m trying to keep up with my studies as much as possible too, so I think it might be fine! maybe?

  3. Definitely NOT! (on the cutting back). I love playing video games, reading manga and watching anime and it’s completely normal. And what is normal anyway? It’s really the way we perceive things. You should visit NY’s Anime Convention. It’s huge and really fun. I volunteered a couple of years ago and I attend every year. It’s really awesome!

  4. I want to go for an anime convention in the US so bad! My friends and I planned everything and checked reservations and all, what a shame! :(
    Will you be attending the Anime Expo Rosie? :D if so then I wanna know everything about it and whether you’ll cosplay or not!
    If I can attend next year then I would SO LOVE to meet you there! :D

  5. I will be going to the Anime Expo, I go every year. I’ve never dressed up though, idk, I want to but I just don’t know what I would wear. I would love to meet you there too!

  6. That’s so cool! You have to post a whole report about it after going there xD I’d go crazy just reading it LOL
    Just search for a character you like (guy or girl) and do it :D

  7. Check out my new post. I found two more Manga pics!

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