Oh we’re back ..

Posted on May, 18, 2011

Yup we’re back to collage again! kao_sweat.gif Everyone here are having finals and we just started! kao_mad.gif Started the begging of the week actually, but it killed me so bad that I didn’t have time to blog kao_shocked.gif

It turned into a prison!! kao_mad.gif They closed all the entrances to buildings and opened only 3 for in the whole university! ONLY 3!! kao_shocked.gif there are thousands of students here, you can do the math! Not only that! but they have to inspect every student as well!

I reach there by 7:30  when I go by bus because I have lectures at 8. BUT until all the inspection ends it’s already 8:45 kao_cry.gif most of the lecture would just end while I’m standing in that never-ending queue! kao_sweat.gif

In short, it’s a disaster! They should’ve just canceled the semester!


And since a new Ao no Exorcist has been released! kao_lol.gif time for anime rant! kao_cheering.gif



 Episode 5 starts with them in class kao_smile.gif


Rin dreaming about being the best exorcist  kao_laughing.gif


Then after he woke up, he looks back at one of his classmates Bon kao_wink.gif


 aaaand then …


AHAHAHA I actually died at this part! kao_laughing.gif Admiring Bon!


 Rin being all shy when he was left alone with Shiemi So cute!! heart_bounce.gif


competing with Bon at PE class Buuut kao_cute.gif


 AHAHAHA! kao_happy.gif


 Bon thanking Rin for saving his life kao_kiss.gif

Bon: Thanks..

Rin: HUH?


And as a thanks he gives him a hair clip to hold his hair while studying!

Bon is just so cute! heart_bounce.gifkao_mad.gif

This anime is NOT BL!


 Now for cute Rin faces again! kao_wink.gif


EEEK CUTENESS!! kao_love.gif I JUST LOVE HIM! heart_bounce.gif


’cause I just love his face here! kao_kiss.gif


 I really like this character! kao_blush.gif


Rin acting cool kao_laughing.gif


Please forgive me everyone who reads my blog! kao_mad.gif I’ve been posting a lot Ao no Exorcist lately! kao_lol.gif I just can’t really help myself! kao_mad.gif But surly real soon I’ll have something good to talk about it here kao_laughing.gif

So until then! kao_wink.gif


10 Responses to “Oh we’re back ..”

  1. I watched a couple of episodes as well and I really enjoyed it! Thank you for posting this, because of you I’ve been able to watch :), I hope everything gets back to normal at school

  2. OMG REALLY?! YUSHAA THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY!!! :D it’s a really awesome anime isn’t it! I’m glad you enjoyed it!! I hope I didn’t spoiler much on on you! If I did then am sorry xD
    I hope everything gets better too! There are military forces everywhere at collage, and the place is bugged with cameras as well :(

  3. More ANE (shortcut for Ao no Exorcist) rants. xD But I love it! Especially the epic faces! And the situation of your school sounds…serious and complicated.

  4. ANE! I never thought about making it short even though I do it all the time with KHR xD RIN IS JUST SO ADORABLE!!! Pauline u should watch itttt~
    Yes everything here is stupid! I’m getting sick of it all :(
    Happy Birthday BTW!!

  5. I was laughing so hard when I saw: “So Rebellious.”
    First and second of epic Rin faces are my favorite XD I love the first picture you posted in this post where it has the characters on it. THAT’S SO CUTE!

  6. AHAHAHAHA I died myself when I saw the part! xD
    Rin is so cute!!! I was planing about posting that picture at the start of each of my Ao no Exorcist rants xD so you’ll be seeing it a lot!
    you should try watching the anime Sara!! It’s so awesome!

  7. I watched an episode :D it’s really cool! :D
    he’s really cute :D

  8. I KNOW RIGHT! It’s one of the awesomest new anime! I’m sure you’ll love it! :D

  9. I like this drawing, which is the very first.)

  10. Glad you like it :D it’s so amazing!

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