Rainbow Cupcakes!!

Posted on Mar, 06, 2011

I’ve been going through the forums of a cute anime-themed online game called Lucent Heart kao_cute.gif It’s really cute and I wish to play it! But I’m getting a “1152 Error about extracting to temporary location” kao_sweat.gif which I have no idea what is since I cant find a solution for it, and so I can’t play it kao_cry.gif

It’s really cute! heart_bounce.gif


Well, never mind all that now  kao_lol.gif

So while going through the forums I’ve found the cutest receipt EVER!! kao_mad.gif

RAINBOW CUPCAKES! kao_love.gif It looks really awesome and lovely kao_mad.gif So I just thought about sharing it here! kao_cool.gif


28qrz1z.png ztg1fo.png

Receipt taken from herekao_smile.gif


I’m gonna make it! kao_yes.gif But I don’t got the blue food color yet kao_shocked.gif as soon as I get it then I’ll start baking kao_cheering.gif


8 Responses to “Rainbow Cupcakes!!”

  1. Those are amazing cupcakes! I’m craving some now :)

  2. WOW, I’m definitely going to bake me one of these!!!!

  3. Ohmigoodness that looks so yummy. And this brighten my mood *_*

  4. I think I also need to look for an interesting anime online games. Although I love spending time in the RO and mysterious quests, sometimes want to play something kawaii.)
    I found a similar recipe, but then lost it.) Really get delicious?

  5. I know right?! *w*
    @kiabi: Lucent Heart is really amazing! you can wear anime clothes and dance in anime style as well! but sadly there is a problem with my pc and I cant finish installing it! :( I never played RO even though it looks really cute! I played Perfect World though. It had a bit of a cute Malaysian theme and it was awesome!!

  6. Oh, I remember seeing that from some ad. Looks interesting and I wanna play it. But downloading takes too long in my computer. @_@ And, ooh! Rainbow Cupcakes! Looks delicious~

  7. I recieved an early Beta key for that game…never played it, some characters are cute. I have some pics with me and some of those characters ^^
    This is weird the last pic with the rainbow cupcakes disgusts me :(

  8. if you want to have pics of u with Lucent Heart characters, go to puricute.com
    I’m Victorsaurus on that site if u want to look at my pics.

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