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I’ve been thinking for a while about posting my  picture here kao_lol.gif and I decided to do it anyways kao_happy.gif They’re from last month but it’s not like I changed at all kao_cute.gif

My baby Donatello and Mario’s hat! heart_bounce.gif + my room got more posters now  kao_laughing.gif


Excuse me for looking so weird  kao_mad.gif I just can’t seem to know how fake a smile for camera kao_lol.gif

And now for the anime/manga side kao_laughing.gif I’ve been reading this manga for a long time now, it’s called “Kobatokao_smile.gif and it’s wonderful!! It was made into an anime (the anime finished kao_lol.gif) but the manga is still going. They have their similarities but they’re different in lots kao_yes.gif

Did I mention that I love pink-haired anime characters?! kao_kiss.gifheart_bounce.gif

The story is about a girl named Kobato who was sent to earth and was supposed to heal people’s hearts and collect them in a bottle so she could go to the place she wishes to go to the most! kao_smile.gif

it’s a fantasy/comedy/romance anime, so it’s really nice! kao_wink.gif

I really recommend this anime, it’s so cute and loving! kao_love.gif but more than the anime, I really recommend the manga kao_laughing.gif in my opinion it’s more awesome, and there are lots of stuff not mentioned in the anime, so yah!  kao_yes.gif

I’m going to buy the manga once the 3rd volume is released kao_cute.gif so I could posses the 3 volumes at once! kao_blush.gif

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