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Sunday Social Meme *7* + SonicX plushies

Posted on Sep, 06, 2010


Gah, I just got my internet back today kao_shocked.gif it just suddenly got disconnected for some odd reason kao_confused.gif so I spent all my time reading and shopping kao_lol.gif

Was fun though kao_happy.gif


And since it’s a new week kao_wink.gif it’s time for the weekly Nemo’s meme!! kao_mad.gif

This Week’s Question:

    What would you do if you shrunk to just 1 inch tall?

Hmm, I think I would set off to an adventure to explore the bug world kao_laughing.gif I think it would be pretty awesome to run around the garden at my house kao_smile.gif I might find some hidden cities there kao_lol.gif I just hope I won’t be eaten by a cat or a bird kao_sweat.gif

Tagging this week kao_cute.gif:

  1. Joy a cool chick with lots of interesting stories and cute pixels  kao_kiss.gif
  2. Mu❤ a very cute blog with many cute pixels, she’s a cow lover heart_bounce.gif like me kao_blush.gif
  3. Sorry but couldn’t find a third person for this week kao_sweat.gif


Aaaand, look at what I found when I was looking around ebay kao_love.gif

I WAAAANT!! kao_mad.gif They’re just so adorable I can’t resist!! kao_kiss.gif

when I told my sister about these she said: “You already have lots of plushies in you room, and STOP BUYING FROM THE INTERNET!” kao_sweat.gif Seriously! can’t a girl wish for more? kao_mad.gif

But I’m currently broke, plus my internet card got expired lat month kao_shocked.gif so I can’t actually get them anytime soon kao_cry.gif

Really. My mom and sister never understand me when I go crazy for simple thing like these kao_mad.gif sometimes it makes me feel so left out.

Am I the only one who feels like this? kao_cry.gif

2 Responses to “Sunday Social Meme *7* + SonicX plushies”

  1. No you’re not alone, all my friends and family want to know why I have so many Sanrio bags and wallets, and random stuff around my room, but it’s NEVER enough!!!

  2. Aww thank you for tagging me!! *_* And i love those sonic plushies. I have a gigantic Shadow. I should take a picture of him x3

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