Sunday Social Meme!!

Posted on Aug, 17, 2010

I’ve been tagged by ccomotti to do this week’s nemo’s Sunday social meme!!kao_wink.gif

so here we go kao_mad.gif

Q: What was your favourite Birthday ever and what made it so special?

Every year is kinda the same kao_lol.gif but I guess it was my 17th birthday heart_bounce.gif. Nearly all my family members were there and I’ve got lots of nice presents from everyone kao_blush.gif. Each year they make this BIG celebration beacuse my younger brother’s birthday is 1 week before mine, so they make the birthday party in some day in the middle kao_smile.gif

Tagging 3 bloggers heart_bounce.gif :

  1. Strawberry Sparkles Love her blog and can’t wait to hear more from her and check her great drawings! kao_wink.gif
  2. bloopism Someone I’ve been stalking for a while. Got a really nice blog and I enjoy reading it!! (maybe I should begin commenting? kao_laughing.gif)
  3. emilydonegia Someone I came across today with a really nice blog, hope I can be friends with here! kao_smile.gif

Oh well, that should be it kao_happy.gif looking forward for a new Sunday meme heart_bounce.gif

Cute gif by the awesome James! kao_blush.gif

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  1. Oooh! Ty for the tag! Very uber sweet! ^__^ I just love ur blog! It’s so fun!

  2. Hey! Thanks for playing :) Hope you will join in for today’s edition of Sunday Social too!
    Bloopism is right, you have a very cute blog! ;)

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