Sunday Social Meme 3 + Baby kitten needs a home!

Posted on Aug, 09, 2010

yaay for another Sunday meme!! ^o^ (thought it’s already Monday here lol)

What 3 things make you happy after a bad day?

  1. Watching or playing something.
  2. A large vanilla and strawberry icecream!!
  3. Laying down silently in my room.

Now to 3 tag people!!

  • Dark Lolita a really nice girl and a good artist, her blog is so full of life and cuteness.
  • Victor5 someone I keep bumping into a lot lately xD
  • ribbonhime a girl I met lately with an awesome blog containing lots of nice quotes and writings!

That’s all ‘lol’! Thanks to nemo for another Sunday meme round ^o^

And another thing, I was looking through some pages at livejournal, when I came across this thread about this cute little kitten so I decided to spread the word to find her a home ^-^

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  1. aw. I wanna adopt that kitty, but I don’t live in America :[

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