Sunday Social Meme *6*

by Bilmay

Gaah I feel horrible! kao_cry.gif I’ve been kinda sick for a couple of days now (back pain, stomachache, and headache) I just don’t know what’s wrong with me kao_sweat.gif

plus someone’s been sending me love messages on my phone since morning but I have no idea who it is  kao_lol.gif wrong number maybe kao_confused.gif


But since it Sunday! it’s time for another one of Nemo’s Sunday Social Meme kao_happy.gif

Let’s start! kao_wink.gif

Q: If money and time were not a problem and you could go anywhere/do anything in this world, where would you go/what would you do?

A: I would definitely conquer the world kao_mad.gif I’ve always knew that I have these evil genes in me kao_lol.gif so that’s pretty much all I’ll do  kao_laughing.gif

Now to tag 3 people kao_cool.gif:

  1. Rikki an anime lover, fun and a lovable person with many HKO adventures!! kao_love.gif
  2. cherlyn a nice blog all about anime! kao_cute.gifheart_bounce.gif
  3. Shereen an awesome cook and her blog is full of many great delicious-looking recipes  kao_kiss.gif

That’s all folks! kao_wink.gif


Last but not least, I want to say Happy Birthday to Bernie!! kao_happy.gif May all your birthday wishes comes true!! heart_bounce.gif

This was a nice day!

by Bilmay

Sooo, my summer course’s grades were up today; AND I GOT AN ‘A’ IN COMPUTER SCIENCE!!! kao_cheering.gif Omg I never thought I could do it! kao_happy.gif and as for my worst nightmare calculus, I got a C- kao_lol.gif but I don’t really mind that mark ’cause I’m glad I passed!! kao_laughing.gif


On another note kao_wink.gif The manga I was nagging about in my previous post finally arrived!! kao_love.gif and now I got 55 manga in total!! kao_mad.gifheart_bounce.gif Anyone interested in counting? kao_laughing.gif

This is the manga collection I have at home so far kao_cute.gif plus my baby Arthur (my Axis Powers Hetalia plushie. I have 6 beside him) kao_kiss.gif


In the end; I want to congratulate my friend Rosie for getting the title “blog of the week“!! kao_cheering.gif Your really deserve it girl!! heart_bounce.gif


I got to see my cousins today, and just now at my house we had a blackout kao_lol.gif but it was fun kao_yes.gif

This was really a nice day kao_cool.gif

Trying to be creative

by Bilmay

So today was my official first day of my 1 month vacation kao_wink.gif I played HKO for a while and why wasn’t I able to get any screenshots? kao_mad.gif isn’t it the normal “Print Screen” button? kao_confused.gif

After that I read some manga, played Sonic (last night’s dream effect kao_lol.gif), went out to visit family, and tried to be a little creative kao_yes.gif


This is something I made today kao_smile.gif thought it didn’t really come out nicely ’cause I’m a bit rusty kao_sweat.gif (I didn’t draw in quite a while) and my stupid phone camera that made it look even worse! kao_cry.gif


The last thing I actually made was my senior year’s final art project kao_lol.gif I’ll post a picture of it here if anyone’s interested in seeing it kao_cute.gif


Aww why hasn’t my manga books arrive yet? it’s not supposed to take this long kao_cry.gif I really want them or I’ll go insane! kao_shocked.gif if they arrive I’ll be having 55 manga book at home!! so I can’t wait kao_cheering.gif

What a day!

by Bilmay

Yaaay I’m FINALLY done with summer course at collage!! kao_cheering.gif and I just realized something .. I’m NEVER taking one again kao_mad.gif

My exam today went pretty well, If I’m lucky enough I’ll get a C+  kao_lol.gif


My day started in a weird way kao_confused.gif I dreamed of Dr.Eggman!! kao_shocked.gif I was at shock when I woke up!! it really surprised me kao_laughing.gif

For anyone who doesn’t know the famous Dr.Eggman  kao_smile.gif


In his full evil glory!! kao_mad.gifheart_bounce.gif


The dream (in short) was that I wanted to go to collage for my last exam (like today) and I was happy about it kao_yes.gif I was in the bus and he was driving it; and when I got out I forgot my notes inside kao_sweat.gif I ran after the bus but he was laughing his evil laugh and didn’t wanna stop kao_cry.gif


On another note kao_cute.gif I’M REALLY LOVING “FAIRY TAIL”!! heart_bounce.gif All the fighting in this anime is just so my type plus my weird love for pink-haired anime characters!! I love it a lot!! kao_love.gif



And since I’m done with studying and stuff, I finally decided to join HKO  kao_happy.gif My user name is vesperia_xx kao_smile.gif please feel free to add me as a friend, ’cause I actually could need one kao_laughing.gif so if anyone’s interested; then leave your user name here and I’ll surly add you!! kao_blush.gif

Another Sunday, and another one of Nemo’s Sunday Social Memes kao_wink.gif maybe I should make a new category for these memes! kao_laughing.gif

Ready? START!! kao_happy.gif

This Week’s Questions:

  1. Do you follow fashion trends or do you have your own style?
  2. Do you match/colour-code everything?
  3. Do you plan your outfits carefully in advance?

A: Well, it’s kinda the mix of both kao_confused.gif I do have my own style but I still follow the fashion kao_smile.gif and I really like to match the color of the outfits kao_yes.gif, sometimes I tend to get a bit creative and mix lots of things together. I think they come out nicely kao_blush.gif (at least that’s what my sister says kao_lol.gif). And yes I do plan my outfit carefully in advance kao_laughing.gif ’cause lots of times; I get so late and then I can’t chose what to wear, and it sometimes turn to be just awful kao_mad.gif

Tagging this week kao_cute.gif:

  1. Shojo Kawaii a very awesome person with a really cute blog that’s I’ve been stalking for a while now. It’s really fun to read all the updates! kao_happy.gif
  2. Sweet Strawberries a fun and cute girl with an awesome blog kao_smile.gif She seems to be so into Sanrio kao_laughing.gif
  3. Miso Soup is Yummy a nice blog about xbox and it’s games I’ve been visiting from time to time kao_wink.gif need more! kao_mad.gif

Now we’ve reached the finish line! yaay! kao_cheering.gif


I’ve made this video at the dream studio some days ago, and I thought I would share it here kao_yes.gif

Please make sure that the music starts at the beginning of the video!! Else refresh the page!

Sometimes the song lags at the beginning; so the timing won’t be that good kao_cry.gif(The timing was the one who killed my while making this kao_sweat.gif)

I worked really hard on it kao_smile.gif Hope you like it heart_bounce.gif


by Bilmay

Yaaay I made cookies for the first time in my life!! kao_cheering.gif ‘omg’ this is a big achievement for me kao_kiss.gif since I don’t know how to cook at all kao_lol.gif

They’re actually sugar cookies and they’re ’so’ sweet kao_love.gif and the receipt is really easy to understand kao_wink.gif and it doesn’t take much time kao_cute.gif


I placed the oven a bit too high (miscalculated from F to C kao_sweat.gif) that’s why some of the cookies became darkish brown kao_mad.gif and the chocolate sugar sprinkles melted kao_cry.gif


Here is the receipt kao_smile.gif

2 sticks of softened butter
1 1/2 cups of confectioners sugar
2 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 tsp of almond extract
1 egg
3 cups all purpose flour
1 tsp of baking soda
1 tsp of cream of tartar
1/4 tsp of salt

1. Preheat the oven to 375 F.
2. In a large bowl combine softened butter, confectioners sugar, vanilla extract, almond extract, and egg and blend together.
3. In a second medium bowl add flour, baking soda, cream of tartar, salt and whisk.
4. Add dry ingredients to creamed mixture.
5. Stir just to combine.
6. Divide dough in half. Cover and refrigerate for 30 minutes.
7. On a lightly floured surface, roll each half to 1/4 inch thickness.
8. Cut the cookies into your desired shapes with cookie cutters.
9. Place them on lightly oiled or parchment paper lined baking sheets. Separate them by about 1 inch.
10. Next, sprinkle the shapes with granulated or colored sugar.
11. Bake at 375 F for 7-8 minutes, until edges are light brown.
12. Remove from baking sheets to cool on wire racks.





But in the end, it was a pretty fun adventure!! kao_laughing.gif and my family members really loved it (specially grandma) kao_smile.gif plus it was my first time doing something like this, so I’m pretty satisfied kao_wink.gif


 Big thanks to Rosie and Shojo Kawaii for their help at my first post  heart_bounce.gifheart_bounce.gif

You and Me

by Bilmay

I just made a sideshow video at the dream studio kao_happy.gif it’s my first ever and I thought I would share it here kao_blush.gif

Please tell me what you think of it kao_smile.gif Hope you like it! heart_bounce.gif

 I visited the mall some days ago, and like every time; I have to pass by this adorable place kao_love.gif

Sorry my camera got busted that’s why most of the pictures aren’t clear kao_sweat.gif



This is the Hello Kitty store in my city’s mall kao_smile.gif It’s big inside and got TONES of HK related stuff (ignore the 2 guys inside kao_lol.gif)

I bought some stuff from there and so I thought I would share them here kao_happy.gif


This plushie was the first thing I’ve ever bought from there kao_cute.gif still makes me happy whenever I look at it heart_bounce.gif


My Hello Kitty hand bag kao_kiss.gif lots of people make fun of me whenever I carry it around with me kao_cry.gif



These I bought recently and I LOVE them a lot!! kao_love.gif Shirt and a mini skirt!heart_bounce.gifheart_bounce.gif


That’s all kao_wink.gif I also got other stuff but I didn’t get the chance to take pictures of them, I’ll post more when I buy something new kao_cute.gif

Have a nice day!! kao_kiss.gif

Sunday Social Meme!!

by Bilmay

I’ve been tagged by ccomotti to do this week’s nemo’s Sunday social meme!!kao_wink.gif

so here we go kao_mad.gif

Q: What was your favourite Birthday ever and what made it so special?

Every year is kinda the same kao_lol.gif but I guess it was my 17th birthday heart_bounce.gif. Nearly all my family members were there and I’ve got lots of nice presents from everyone kao_blush.gif. Each year they make this BIG celebration beacuse my younger brother’s birthday is 1 week before mine, so they make the birthday party in some day in the middle kao_smile.gif

Tagging 3 bloggers heart_bounce.gif :

  1. Strawberry Sparkles Love her blog and can’t wait to hear more from her and check her great drawings! kao_wink.gif
  2. bloopism Someone I’ve been stalking for a while. Got a really nice blog and I enjoy reading it!! (maybe I should begin commenting? kao_laughing.gif)
  3. emilydonegia Someone I came across today with a really nice blog, hope I can be friends with here! kao_smile.gif

Oh well, that should be it kao_happy.gif looking forward for a new Sunday meme heart_bounce.gif

Cute gif by the awesome James! kao_blush.gif

Fairy Tail

by Bilmay

Lovely gif made by James heart_bounce.gif


Okaay, so I’m currently hooked to this anime “Fairy Tail” it’s just awesome!! kao_blush.gif I love every bits of it so far kao_love.gif The anime reached episode 41 and I just can’t wait or more!! I guess I have this weakness for people with pink hair kao_lol.gif

Sooo, now that there is an anime I’m hooked to; there is definitely an opening song I’m addicted to kao_laughing.gif So I decided to share the full version of the 3rd opening, which is ~ ft. by FUNKIST ~ (my current addiction)

It’s just such a wonderful song!! heart_bounce.gif I hope everyone who listens to it enjoys it as much as I do! kao_wink.gif

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