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badtzfanSo I got my own technorati thing going. I can’t let the others get all the glory now right?


And now a few rants.


All this Blogarate thing has gotten me curious that I just had to see what all the fuss was about. What’s the big deal anyway with Kuromi? So she has a few hits and all but its nothing to celebrate.


Donuts again? Seriously I can’t figure out why Keroppi keeps on talking about donuts. I need something more delicious like a Big Mac from McDonalds.


The rat over at Zashikibuta doesn’t want to go to Paris. I mean thats the city of fine dining there! I’d definitely go and not pass up that chance. Not by a longshot!


Finally, I think the rocker outfits of Mimi are so-so. But no one rocks better than me!



Hmm, things are getting pretty ridiculous. I don’t know how this argument started but its getting a bit crazy.


Kuromi is now crying over her unknown past. But you got to hand it to her for turning the gloom into something happy. Still I think she over reacts a bit.


Keroppi may be indirectly trying to apologize to her and putting the blame on himself. I say what’s done is done. Blaming yourself is just an excuse to cover up something shameful. I say live with it and make ammends in your deeds.


Finally, Mimi. I know she’s being overlooked in everything and always in the shadow of her sister. But I think she shouldn’t be down all the time. Let her sister get all the fame. Personally even sometimes I get tired of Kitty’s success and get envious but that’s the way Kitty is meant to be.


And now I am getting sleepy and sleepier… Pochi has been keeping me up all night yesterday and I don’t know why. Tsunko-neesan might have been probably trying to give him his shots again which is why he’s so clingy. Anyway I need to get up early tomorrow. Its a Saturday and I wouldn’t miss the chance to catch the early morning waves by the beach.



bm1So I hear the frog is getting all emo just because the rabbit just bashed him. And what’s with kitty’s sister? I still don’t get those three. All the fuss for nothing. They should just chill and go surfing a while like me. They seriously need to take a dip and the water and let things go. Anyway, I’ll go grab a popcorn. Maybe these three will provide some more entertainment.


XO’s cool quote of the day: You’ve been XOfied!!!

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