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badz3Okay, so I’ve been gone for a while and it seems things have been getting interesting lately. First of all why does Mimi have to post in Yellow? I can barely read it!!! Yo Mimi! Change the color this penguin does not like yellow!


Then the froggy Keroppi does some cooking with his girl friend. What the heck is a culler? Why don’t they just make a donut? Its a half donut? Why would I want half a donut?


Lastly, Kuromi claims to have a boyfriend? He’s a good looking guy and all but isn’t it strange that the guy dresses in pink with those bunny ears trying to mimic Melody?


Anyway, the penguin has got to go eat lunch. And after that maybe give Pochi a bath. You stink Pochi!


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5 Responses to “What the?”

  1. Hello XO! It is my first time to comment here ^^ Oh it does not have to be a half doughnut, I would much more like to have a full doughnut too hohoho

  2. […] then there’s Badtz Maru. That little boy should really stay out of the lady’s fights. Isn’t that a rule? Never meddle in a fight between two ladies? But well, nothing is going to […]

  3. Chill Kuromi, you can’t sue me for imitating your pose. Show me proof that you own that pose then I’ll change my image.

    Uh, hi Zashi, can I call you Zashi? Why is your name so long??? X_x

  4. […] And who could forget our lovable Badtz Maru! He’s up to his old mischief again, I’m afraid. Though this blog is still fairly new, he’s already starting fights with the other Sanrio Characters! […]

  5. Phenomenal summary pertaining to What the?! I enjoy this posts!

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