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Its my birthday today! I have some friends over and we’re having a blast! I just hope Pochi doesn’t eat all the cake. Everyone is invited to my par-teeeh!!!

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I’ve got into this real cool Samurai outfit, in the hopes in joining one of those cosplays. I want to show those people what its like to be a real Samurai. I’ve been seeing a lot of them fail miserably.

Anyway, the real reason for me in this outfit is because I’m on a mission to find Baku. He’s gone missing especially today, being White Day and all. Its just so sad to see him sad like that. He is one dedicated Tapir and Kuromi is just mean for hitting him all the time. I should ask Baku to take me to that nice old man’s food cart. I’d sure like to taste some Japanese delicacies especially now that I’m in my Japanese mood thing.


Oh yeah… Did I mention that Donuts are the best! I just had a whole box and I’m so satisfied. A little brewed coffee goes well with it too. Now of to find that Tapir! I got another box of donuts! Come out Baku!!!

...   ...

Wow I’ve been gone for like forever! I’m sorry to those who have been trying to get in touch with me. It seems I spent so much time surfing.

Anyway, I’ve changed and I hope to keep my blog alive and post often and see what adventures that I encounter are interesting enough to post in this blog.

But having said that. I don’t know where to start. Can you guys give me some ideas on what I should really post? I mean I can post stuff about what happened today or yesterday but that can become boring real fast.

Oh yeah. I’m getting my guitar repaired and hopefully I’ll be rocking with the band once I get to settle things with Mom and Dad at home. Weee~

Until then, send me your ideas please! I’m a very confused penguin that need your tips and ideas to get my blog up and going again. I can’t afford to loose to that Kuromi who’s getting all the blog hits because of her high school crush with a rich dude. >_<

And Baku, dude, we should hang out and you know like feel the "blues". Its tough not being noticed, but hang in there dude!

badtzfanSo I got my own technorati thing going. I can’t let the others get all the glory now right?


And now a few rants.


All this Blogarate thing has gotten me curious that I just had to see what all the fuss was about. What’s the big deal anyway with Kuromi? So she has a few hits and all but its nothing to celebrate.


Donuts again? Seriously I can’t figure out why Keroppi keeps on talking about donuts. I need something more delicious like a Big Mac from McDonalds.


The rat over at Zashikibuta doesn’t want to go to Paris. I mean thats the city of fine dining there! I’d definitely go and not pass up that chance. Not by a longshot!


Finally, I think the rocker outfits of Mimi are so-so. But no one rocks better than me!


badz3Okay, so I’ve been gone for a while and it seems things have been getting interesting lately. First of all why does Mimi have to post in Yellow? I can barely read it!!! Yo Mimi! Change the color this penguin does not like yellow!


Then the froggy Keroppi does some cooking with his girl friend. What the heck is a culler? Why don’t they just make a donut? Its a half donut? Why would I want half a donut?


Lastly, Kuromi claims to have a boyfriend? He’s a good looking guy and all but isn’t it strange that the guy dresses in pink with those bunny ears trying to mimic Melody?


Anyway, the penguin has got to go eat lunch. And after that maybe give Pochi a bath. You stink Pochi!


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Hmm, things are getting pretty ridiculous. I don’t know how this argument started but its getting a bit crazy.


Kuromi is now crying over her unknown past. But you got to hand it to her for turning the gloom into something happy. Still I think she over reacts a bit.


Keroppi may be indirectly trying to apologize to her and putting the blame on himself. I say what’s done is done. Blaming yourself is just an excuse to cover up something shameful. I say live with it and make ammends in your deeds.


Finally, Mimi. I know she’s being overlooked in everything and always in the shadow of her sister. But I think she shouldn’t be down all the time. Let her sister get all the fame. Personally even sometimes I get tired of Kitty’s success and get envious but that’s the way Kitty is meant to be.


And now I am getting sleepy and sleepier… Pochi has been keeping me up all night yesterday and I don’t know why. Tsunko-neesan might have been probably trying to give him his shots again which is why he’s so clingy. Anyway I need to get up early tomorrow. Its a Saturday and I wouldn’t miss the chance to catch the early morning waves by the beach.



bm1So I hear the frog is getting all emo just because the rabbit just bashed him. And what’s with kitty’s sister? I still don’t get those three. All the fuss for nothing. They should just chill and go surfing a while like me. They seriously need to take a dip and the water and let things go. Anyway, I’ll go grab a popcorn. Maybe these three will provide some more entertainment.


XO’s cool quote of the day: You’ve been XOfied!!!

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