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Punk Skirt

Post for today~ I love her outfit soooooooo much punk_skirt_by_xexus.jpg

Punk Skirt by ~Xexus on deviantART

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Mistress Mask

Ok, here is one of my few villain characters. Lisa was a character from one of the superheroeque games I have played except she got tainted when she got her power, she lost her entire face. She got the super hearing thing so she can “see” with her ears but she can’t see colors thus when I draw her I pick ohhh so random colors for her clothes.

In general she is a bitch… but she has good reason… not having eyes… and not being able to really see people assumed she couldn’t… and so no one hid their disgust and fear when they saw her face. And worse were the people who did but still whispered cause she could hear them… she hated everyone and is fiercely independent thus picking out her own clothes and them being mismatched often.

Lisa M. Mask by ~Xexus on deviantART

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Happy Snub Your Nose at the Bristish Day!

Quick post for today because I have a “Snub Your Nose at the British Day” Barbecue to go to ^.^


Mistress Yuna Megaman Legends by ~Xexus on deviantART

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Kurumu Kurono

Rosario + Vampire Fan Art ^.^
And I have a weakness for succubi… so here she is~


Kurumu Kurono by ~Xexus on deviantART

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Post for today is my OC Ariana, hopefully she will make into my next project, we will see ^^


Ariana Redesign by ~Xexus on deviantART

Katara from Avatar

Okies~ this was almost done yesterday heehee

Been really busy as I sold my first set of Avatar buttons yesterday, but I had time to color this~


Katara Water Bender by ~Xexus on deviantART

Oban Team Symbol Buttons

I really liked Oban Star Racers, so here is the next set of buttons! You may recognise these as the Earth Team and Nerasian Team insignias used in the series to show who was winning on the leader boards ^.^


Oban Team Symbol Buttons by ~Xexus on deviantART

Avatar The Last Air Bender Buttons

Ok a few things first is this super cool set of button I made~

If you are interested in this or any other buttons visit my Etsy account!

Then their is this Diabolos Button~

Diabolos Button by ~Xexus on deviantART

And then the Two Catgirls I didn’t post o.o wow I am really behind.

Arlene by ~Xexus on deviantART


Where Did I leave my Jacket? by ~Xexus on deviantART

Bikini Look

Only 2 more to go~

Bikini Look by ~Xexus on deviantART

Wind and Water

The catgirls keep coming ^^


Wind and Water by ~Xexus on deviantART

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