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October 8th, 2010 by


This is just a little encouragement for those who are going through a tough time.

True, there are things in this lifetime of ours that we can’t control, things we can’t understand and things we can’t fix. Though most of the time, we base it all on our emotions. Sometimes all you need is time to think, to heal and to clear your mind. But sometimes we fall so hard that we that we can’t get back up. A tragic fall that left you on your knees, face down, hands on the ground, and tears that just won’t stop running down your cheek…..GROUNDED…… Life will kick you down but don’t let it keep you down. You don’t have to get back up right away; maybe you need the time grounded to think why you fell in the first place. Sometimes someone will help you get back up but sometimes you’re going to have to face the music on your own to be able to stand on your own two feet. Either way you are going to come out of this stronger. Lesson learned stronger heart and clearer mind.

I hope this was able to reach out someone out there with problems and stuff. I hope this helped.

Enjoy peeps! Enjoy life! Woooochaaaa!


July 15th, 2010 by


Hi everyone! GM-Xachary here nice to


meet you all! *waves*


So nice to meet you all. Although I


haven’t met everyone yet. It’s so nice to


be part of the HKO family and the


players? What can I say..?? So far


everyone’s been nice and good to me..


hehe.. For those of you who does not


know me yet, you can just PM me or you


can always find me in sanrio harbour


hangin’ out by the pier.


Now I’ll tell you a little bit more


something about myself. Hmmmm…I am


always hungry! haha! that is why I


always hang out by the pier to catch me


some fishies! My favorite food? (some of


you guys know it already) PIZZA!!! I’ll


eat anything though as long as there is


CHEESE smothered on it or all over it!


haha! (whoah……. makin’ this blog is making


me HUNGREH) Anyway, I am so honored to


have met all of you  and see yah!

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