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My Melody and Kuromi fan fic?

May 10th, 2009 by woofwoof_2008:hellokitty.com

ok,so this is for Kuromi and My Melody.

*******************in Mari Land,My melody,and her friends were playing tag until all of the guards were yelling and Screaming cause Kuromi escaped from her cell. “good luck catching me,suckers!” said Kuromi in a tone of voice she never used. “My melo think this is bad news.” Said Mymelody to herself. Then Kuromi went into the portal that lead into the Human world. The portal flashed,then stopped. They were all stunned to  see that Kuromi got away. “My melody,why didnt you stop her??” one guard said. and they all surrounded My melody. “I didnt mean to,it was that it was impossible to catch her.” My melody said sadly. And all of them looked up at the Portal,which was shaped like a huge trumpet.

After Kuromi Escaped,Mymelody followed Kuromi to see what see was up to. Mymelody noticed that Kuromi was up to something. “Hey Baku,lets stop,this place is a great target for dreams!” Kuromi said. “I agree! ~zona” Baku said. Baku was a Purple tapir. and his long ears ment that he could fly. Baku was sniffed out dreams and Black notes. and Black notes are special. Kuromi can only grab them. “oh dear…” Mymelody said. She saw Kuromi Leave from the next 2 minutes.

But the Human world they entered was no ordinary. Mymelody just came into this world. But when she read the sign,it said……The Mushroom Kingdom! and Mymelody was aware of this. she entered…..The Game world. But Kuromi wasnt far. “Kuromi wont get this far!” Mymelody said,sternly.  Then suddenly,as Mymelody was pulling out her umbrella, Two strange men came up to her. “What is that?” one man said. “I dont know Luigi.” said the other. “um excuse me?” Mymelody spoke up……

“She can speak?!” Luigi said in shock. Mario just stared at her. “Whats your name?” Mario asked. “My name is Mymelody from Mari Land. i was looking for my friend who came into your world.” Mymelody said. “Was she flying on a floating Dog?” Mario asked. “No,it was a Tapir. and i need to see what she is up to. cause she escaped her cell in mari land.” Mymelody said. Both Mario and Luigi looked at each other. then stared back at her. “Okay. you can go.” Mario said. “Thank you,Mario Sama.” Mymelody said as she flew away to find Kuromi in the Mushroom Kingdom! “Am on to you,Kuromi!” Said Mymelody…….


i’ll upload moar later

The awesome thing i saw!

January 24th, 2009 by woofwoof_2008:hellokitty.com

i been on Kuromi’s Blog today! its seems she hasnt posted in awhile……

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