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Saturday, January 20th, 2007

4566c377247ef.jpga very interesting project

what can u think of from a primitive sphere?

what kind of technique , creativity can u show from sphere design?

sphere design.. really interesting, a test for yourself and share with others about your primitive thoughts .

1sphere: sun 

3 spheres: mickey mouse

2 spheres: a pair of eyes, snowman

actually, in our mind, there are so many assumptions that everything got their Default shape.

how come there’s no retangular/irregular CDs? no circular TV?

no cylindrical fridge? if coca colar can becomes blue, will we consider it as Pocari/ coke? it seems only Pocari used the blue can & it looks so specia. everytime i buy pocari,  50 % is because of its outllook~~

Ocean blue>> Refreshing , right?