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Lamma - haha, the island just over there ~~


shinning seashoreit was cold yesterday. but luckily, the sun still came out~

we took the ferry at the pier near IFC. Along the way, we saw cyberport. we arrived lamma very soon.

it was a very relaxing trip. we walked from ” yong chu wan” to ” sok ku wan” and then back to ” yong chu wan” again..

coz the route is pretty short. the way we back, we saw the beautiful sunset. ^0^

and then we took a rest on a beach. it was a very lovely afernoon.

For dinner, we had seafood there. we chose an outdoor place near the sea. although.. we found it to be very cold later.. but the feel is good.

There was a very interesting waiter. he kept wandering besides us and always join our conversation suddenly. haha, he made me laughed so much>>

After dinner, we walked around there, and found a little coffee shop and had a hot drinks there.  haha, we were the only customers… 

finally, we took the 8: 45 pm ferry back to central~

maybe next week, we should try a more difficult route, so that we don’t need to walk back again, haha~~

we had dinner there

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  1. Zin Says:

    For those of you who are unfamiliar with Hong Kong, Lamma island is famous for its seafood and also known as a casual family hiking? spot.

    If those of you are up for a slightly more challenging walk, then Lantau island is recommendable ( Lantau peak and the steps to Budda ) , and those that needs a bit more, can go do Tai Mo Shan.

  2. badxo Says:

    For the level of challenge and difficulty, it would depends on where you want to start and how you do trek. As far as I know, Lantau Island has the most difficult trekking routes compare to Tai Mo Shan, tho the latter is slightly higher. There are a few options where you can reach Lantau Peak. One of route is call “Dog teeth range”. It is not just difficult but dangerous. Lantau Island also has one of the most challenging stream trekking route. These 2 paths aren’t for beginners at all.

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