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ok no. I´m Faking. I´m trying to cheer myself up, because…….. TODAY WAS OFFICIALY THE WORST DAY EVER!!! D= Ok, look. Yesterday I finally returned to the village, when my mom heard me talking to Gugeh about the ice cream party, and she said: “Now you´re not going to any party with your little friends without getting dressed nicely.” To which I responded: “but, but MO-OOM, it´s like in a week!” Mom: I don´t care. Choose something. And you too, Gugeh.
Gugeh: Oh, I´m not going!
So this was the final result:I am (not) pretty
Yey. I am so happy. really. i´m not joking. And then it was monday, and I came to school two weeks late thanks to some stupid mystique. Yey. It was math and:Mr. Topmeister: Ok, who wants to answer my question: If a triangle always meaures 180 degrees, what does one angle of an equilateral triangle measure?
Gugeh: *Hand waving around in the air* MEMEMEMEME!!!
Everyone else: *lalallala* *whatever*
Ira and K´ira, the shy air fairie twins, hunched in their seats. Rolh, a jock, was asleep. Flamera, a stuck-up brat, was doing her nails secretely. I, a fire fairy with anger issues, lay half listening, half daydreamin, on my desk.
Mr. Topmeister: Fenn, would you answer my question?
Fenn: Huh?
Everyone: *giggles*
Mr. Topmeister: If a triangle always meaures 180 degrees, what does one angle of an equilateral triangle measure?
Fenn: Ok, 180 divided into three… equals… uh, 6?
Everyone: *giggles*
(There is the sound of something banging, then there is the sound of the door opening, everyone spins around to stare into the pupil-less eyes of the green-hooded mystique.)
Fenn: GET OUT OF HERE!!! *Grabs chainsaw from Ira´s backpack*
Ira: Huh? How did-
K´ira: Fenn is evil, sis, don´t worry about her.
Mystique:I believe we have some unfinished business, Rennei..
Mystique:This time, I´m NOT letting you run away. *Throws energy ball at Fenn, No body will ever know what it could´ve done, but instead, Fenn starts glowing a orange/sulfur color.*
Mr. Topmeister:I-I´ll call the magic teacher…
Magic teacher (has a PhD in Magic study): Hmmm… That was a revolution spell, apparently Fenn WAS Rennei.
Fenn: Youstilldidn´ttellmewhatthisissupposedtomeanIamscared,whatisgonnahappentome?
MT:But, how can she be here without fading?
Fenn: Answerme!
MT: I want to answer you, but I don´t know what this means. the best thing would be to go home until it rubs off.

GRRRRRRRR!!!! WHy does everything interesting happen to me?! I just want to write about home work, something normal. Ok, I will write about halloween, and the ice cream party, and the back to school party, which will happen the monday after the ice cream party, and home work, and everything normal! I DONOT want anything else interesting to happen to me. The good news is that since I am a mystique, I found out how to grow that stupid watermelon! yeyz.

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