Heyey there. Wazup? I’m Fenn’s author, in a sorta hyper mood. I just wanted to say, pretending is the best! Even when I was little i enjoyed pretending! It’s seriously an honor to be a part of this community of role-players! (srry Mariah-Kan if this sounds anything like what you write sometimes) I’m (I mean, Fenn is) still awaiting Lily’s response, which is sorta my topic. It’s like a giant pretend here, and I’m using Lily’s example because, well, Fenn is sorta up to her neck now, huh? Anyways… as I was saying, everyone here is so nice and thanx for such a warm welcome to sanriotown, I really mean it. In just a week I already met personalities like Mariah, Lily, Shinelly, Usabunnbunn, and Pink! Congrats y’all! Your blogs’re kinda famous, I hope one day I get to be up there amongst yours. Isn’t it amazing how imagination can stir up such emotion within one, I mean,when I was writing the OMGOMG I’M SCARED post, I did really kinda feel scared and sad. I’m sure Shinelly can relate to me when she found out she had a sister, (I mean when SHINELLY found out she had a sister). And I’m really excited about the carnival with Usa, even if I’ll never see it for real, Fenn will, even if she is just a fragment of my imagination, brought to life by words. So well, as Mariah says, back to fantasy world now, shall we? ;)

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  1. LOL! You read my blogs, AND the comments?! :D
    It so interesting how things fall along, isn’t it?
    People on here don’t actually talk to each other.. they just ignore their story-line and comment, tag along on their own blogs, or they start their own!
    Thanks for reading my blogs, and just know that you’re on my RSS so everytime you post I’ll be reading! :D

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