I DID NOT MEAN TO DESCRIBE BEING CAREFUL AS “OVER-RATED!!!” IT IS JUST AS IMPORTANT AS HONESTY, AND MODESTY, AND - ER - ANY OTHER VALUES I DON’T TYPICALLY CARE ABOUT. OKAY LOok I was playing with my pet spider(s) when a… uh… letter flew in the window. I was curious of course so i took it into my hands and read it. It said this:

To: Fenn the fire fairy.
Fenn, I know you eavesdropped on us. I heard you outside. You don’t seem to be… careful. You know too much about our plans, we WILL find you. We will not let you warn ANY of the other seal-holders or sky wizards.
Signed, the seal-holder of darkness

OMG! IT ONLY TAKES A LETTER LIKE THAT TO MAKE YOU PARANOID!!!!! I saw my hands trembling and my vision blur. I thought of what could happen. Lily’s helpful nature, Shinelly’s ever-lasting smile. Gugeh’s blue-grey eyes that sparkled when he laughed, Mimmy waving to me and Pink’s Over and Out! It could all be destroyed. I snapped my fingers and saw the paper turn into flames. I grabbed my clothes, my laptop and cable, and ran out the door. My eyes stung too badly to look back. I breathed out and burned the house down. My parents will be kay. I hope the same goes for me. I “stole” Gugeh’s spell and ingredients. There was a seven-petaled daisy with a note from Mariah-Kan’s mother. Thank you, Mariah-Kan. Thank you, Gugeh. I’ll miss you both, but i need to find Lily. I flew away, leaving my tiny village behind me.

Then I looked down. Everything was dark. I was directly looking at my past, at all the memories that had once made me happy. A wave of flash-backs took me over.

My first fire. It was small, but I loved it. I could see my family, clapping and cheering for me.

Gugeh, holding hands, taking me to a sacred place, promising we’ll always be friends.

the smell of warm grass.

Bitter-sweet berries.

The orange of the fires.

The myriad smiles i saw.

All of It. I was leaving it all behind. I had always looked out to the stars, I had never realized how great my life was. The stars weren’t My guidance. I was. I knew I had to go to Sanriotown, so far from home. So far from everything i cherished, everything that made me myself.

So far from from home.

I had always told myself stories, not realizing I myself was in one. Now I’m flying to Sanriotown, to search for Lily, my only hope of returning home again.

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