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Heya guys, guess who’s back? That’s right, Fenn is back! Ok the thing that got all messed up? just a misunderstanding! It turns out that my body has been adapting to my new-found magical aura, and my brain’s linguistic center blablabla yadayadayada. Blank. Some weird things will be happening for a little while. For example, right now I’m three feet in the air. Yippe? Sigh.

Fenn is back, safe and sound. Or… I don’t know. She seems to have a phycological problem or something. Because she isn’t speaking. Yes, communicating verbally. To anyone. In this universe. Earth is a very lonely planet. I took her to the nurse, she said everything is fine, fine, right as rain. Then it began to rain outside. Haha, did I mention that the nurse is a water fairy? Yes, water. H20. Two hydrogen, one oxygen. dihydrogenoxide. Or something.

Her normally happy personality is now downcast. As rain. That made no sense, right? No, it did not. For it to make sense, it need to create a connection between the nerve cell-y-neuron-thingamabob in the pre-frontal corte- I really am a geek, right? Right as…. hot air flying upwards, allowing cold air to rush in as a supplement, decreasing the average temperature of the area. A.K.A wind. Nerdy air fairy humor, you get it? Of course you don’t. You’re no nerdy air fairy.

Her hair is slowly turning brown-ish and her eyes a darker shade of grey, as the freckles are disappearing one-by-one-by-one.
I think she’s vanishing into infinity. The long kind. There’s different kinds. Like 3.1459… is one kind. And 9387463… is another. Grrrrrrrr. Like, yeah. GRRRRRRRRR. Good-bye. Or, in binary, 0100011101101111011011110110010000101101011000100111100101100101.

I went to the ice cream party and it was really cool… YEH REALLY COOL!!! I’m glad blue was himself for the rock concert. OH YEAH!!! Why am I writing in pink? (the grossest color evah?) b-cuz today is kitty and Mimmy’s B-day (or shood I say Mimmy and Kitty’s) !!1!!!!!111!!! I got them kewl presents. For Mimmy, a pink Hello Kitty pencil case that says: “Hello Kitty RAWX!!!” And 4 Kitty, a Yellow diamond with a mimmy inside that says “(But Mimmy rawx HARDER)” AN: And tomorrow is día de los muertos!

Now for yellow, mah third fav color! (After orange and red) Halloween was last night, I dressed as a leaf, and scared everyone!!! :P (Don’t ask how) Rwyf hefyd yn teimlo’n rhyfedd, bron fel pe bai’r heddlu tywyll sy’n effeithio ar Blue a Shinelly yn dod ar mi. Aros, pam ydw i’n siarad yr iaith Nid wyf yn gwybod?

That was…تغيير. ومرعبة… هذا يحدث مرة أخرى! شخص ما جعله يتوقف! Uh… I don’t know πώς να ελέγξουν αυτή. Ίσως με το μου … κουκούλα μου;! όπου ??!!!!! κουκούλα μου Δεν μπορώ να το βρω. Αυτό είναι περίεργο, ίσως μια τελετουργική μαγεία ή κάτι τέτοιο. Όχι .. αν ήταν ένα τελετουργικό μυστικισμό, θα ήθελα να αισθάνεται ισχυρός. Αλλά αισθάνομαι φοβισμένος. Κουκούλα μου! Ok. Englishenglishenglishenglish
英語英語英語英語英語英語英語英語….私の頭の..痛い。誰か..前に停止させるそれは私のコントロール…私は弱いと強く感じています。いくつかの1つ のヘルプまたは私は…!

OMG. חכה … OMG אינה בהכרח אנגלית .. אולי אם אני משתמש אנגלי אשר מובנת אבל לא אנגלית, כמו בסלנג … Yeh I think Is féidir liom a rialú seo más dóigh liom go … Déan iarracht ach a thuiscint. D’fhéadfadh go mbeadh sé deacair ach tá mé ag mothú go dtiocfadh leat é a fháil.

Iw illt alkl iketh is. AN: I will talk like this. LOok for a pattern.

Languages I used in order of appearance, using this translator:http://www.stars21.com/translator/

Irish Gaelic
Wait thAT WAAS ENGLISH MAYBE IT 벗어나서! 날 이토록 행복하게! 아니면하지 …


Yo! Here is my famous or infamous checklist, depending on how you look at it:

•Threaten Evil blue
• Go to the ice cream party
• Crash spottie Dottie’s sleepovah!
• Make Tux Sam think I luv him
• Feed Shinelly Jujubes
• Show off mah AWESOME firework skillz
• Show off mah AWESOME plate-breaking skillz
• Give Dear Daniel bomb potion
• Finish my checklist

Doesn’t my checklist rawk? Lil’ tikes might wanna see the nezt paragraph:

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, over, under, black, white, near, far, blh, blah, bleh…

I went to the sleepovah, it was lots of fun even if I wasn´t “invited”. Yeah I showed them something cool but not “dangerous”(but Lily´s still a party pooper) It was my totally awesome plate crashing skillz! (Altough Spottie Dottie disagrees on the fact that they are awesome, which they are.) *Looks around at the quiet hustle and bustle of Sanriotown* Man, this place needs sum livening up, huh? And I do need to practice my mystique-ey magicky magic thing. *thinks to herself* I know! An earth spell! *Says something, then plants shoot up evrywhere* Hmm… And since it´s almost dark… *Waves her hand to make the plants catch fire* This is fun…. Hmm… but I better not get in trouble with the mayor.. *Waves her hand again and they become small, pretty embers.

Oh yeh! I´ve been studing about the bloggers here, and I found My Melody´s blog. Hm… black magic, a strange song… sound enticing! I am OBVIOUSLY not gonna try to play the song, for OBVIOUS reasons, but it made me think of some other thing I heard about… Astral Projection! Basicall, your spirit leaves your physicall body to travel to other astral/physical planes. It´s weird, but I think that My Melody is trapped in another plane… Google “astral projection how to”.

I ALSO had no idea Tsunko spoke latin, it´s one of those random facts you never come across until you do… Haha! Well, g´night to y´all, have a good night under the star and spark-filled nights! (ugh. That´s so redundant)

I’m gonna do sum sleepover crashin’. Mohahahahaha!!!! EVIL!Muahahahahahaha

Oh yeah, btw, lookie this:


IT IS WEIRD!! Some peeps just have too much time on their hands…

I got tons of news!First, as you can see, I’m using advanced font colors! Yey! Look at all the shades of orange! How? you wonder… Well,go to http://en.wikipedia.org/list_of_colors and look for the desired color. Copy the hex triplet, and put it in between the quotation marks. instead of putting “red” now you can put “#FF0000″ =D

Yes, orange is my favorite color. But whatev. Let’s continue with the news! I edited my blogroll and my Link! Now you can link me, I’m sorry the pic didn’t show :P. Talking about blogs, Emmy has decided to stop blogging. awww. But, Robow@n has started to blog! Yea! Another Sanrio character!

And about the ice cream party? I heard Dear Daniel, Tuxedo Sam, Tommy, and Blue are fighting. Maybe I should let a few sparks fly! I am ESPECIALLY excited about the rock music, I hope it’s an open mike, the music teacher said my song was “creative” in the school talent sow. ^^!

Oh yeah, What should I be four halloween? Maybe an earth fairy, I already have the costume. I know Gugeh won’t b dressin up. He’s been too old for trick-or-treating since he was 5, and too old for halloween since he was 8. Talk about excessive. I’m also thinking about changing my whole look. I have a whole tomboy-meets-tough-girl-with-anger-issues kinda thing going on, but maybe I should go for something more preppy. Not change my personality completely, but maybe be less assertive or something?

I am also deeply offended B-cuz Lily called me overly anxious and then seemed surprised I could be nice. I mean, there is a Hee-uge difference between being impatient and easily angered from being overly anxious. Here’s the dictionary definition of:

1 experiencing worry, unease, or nervousness, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome : she was extremely anxious about her exams.
• [ attrib. ] (of a period of time or situation) causing or characterized by worry or nervousness : there were some anxious moments.
2 [usu with infinitive ] wanting something very much, typically with a feeling of unease : the company was anxious to avoid any trouble | [with clause ] my parents were anxious that I get an education.

I don’t think I’m “experiencing worry, unease, or nervousness”

Impatient:impatient |imˈpā sh ənt|
1 having or showing a tendency to be quickly irritated or provoked : an impatient motorist blaring his horn | she was impatient with any restriction.
• [ predic. ] ( impatient of) intolerant of : a man impatient of bureaucracy.
2 restlessly eager : they are impatient for change | [with infinitive ] he was impatient to be on his way.

Ok, so I could be “Having or showing a tendency to be quickly irritated”

One thing I know for SURE is that I am not overly anxious. Oh yeh, and since i finally reached Sanriotown, I will just lay underneath the tree and rest. Ba-bye!

Hiya! Fenn the firey fire fairy here, I´m not really sure how I´m feeling right now, I´m feeling angry, happy, peacefull, and sad all at once! I woke up this morning, and I saw a BIG black butterfly on my desk, (It was bigger than me!) so I said: “release!” and I saw agirl with he hair in ponytails and bunny ears there… USABUNNBUNN! She said: “Hiya, you are now unofficially invited to the ice cream party! See ya there!” Then she undid the scrying spell. I saw my mom´s note saying: “Fenn, dear, when you´re going to the party with your little friends, send me a note, m´kay?” I wrote: ” I´m going right now. bye.” Good riddance to bad rubbish.

I was going to school to inform them of my absense, when the mystiques (ARRRRGGGH) stood infront of me and said, “Fenn, there are negative vibes on the air, there is a magic war in place, I don´t want you to go to Sanriotown right now. There is probably going to be an evacuation plan in the area anyways.” (that just proves how much they know) So I told them: “SRY, BUT U R NOT DA BOSSAME!” And kept flying. The mystiques came close and handed me a orange hood. “You will need this” they said. Ugh. I will NOT!

I finally arrived at school. I told the secretary I had to fight in the magic war (a.k.a not true) and that I needed all my work and homework for, let´s say, a week. So they did. give. me. all. the. work. And it was ALOT!!!! of work. I saw Yeyh walking in the hallway, wrote a note quickly, and handed it to him. this is what iit said:
I will be out of town for a week. Bye.

Then Yeyh said: “Oh, Gugeh has a card for you too!

I know the ice cream party is coming up, and since you will be out of town for a while, I´ll be “going out” with K´ira. And don´t come to me with a lame excuse  such as: “BUT YER JOUST 11!!! DURH!” because I am in charge of my own life. See ya.
Should I feel mad, jealous, relieved? Whatev. We are just friends, right? Right? Some one say right. The only thing that exasperates me is my excuse. I don´t talk like that!Then, Yeyh gave me another note:FennIdidn´tmeanthelastnoteimsorry!!!!!Youaremyonlyfriendsorryandplease,IfeellikecryingbecauseIreallylikeyou,asinlikelikereallylikeyoubye.Gugeh.
OMG!!! I saw my aura flicker into life around me, as usual orange, sulfur, and PINK? That means I´m in… forget it. just. forget it. whtev. So I ran to my room and stuffed all I saw into my backpack. I AM SOOOOOO HAPPY! By everything I mean:*My mom´s shopping list. (Yes, Sanriotown has more availibility in it´s shops than my village whose name you will never know!
*My pyrotechnics equipment (a.k.a My homemade fireworks, from a fire fairy!
*Wand and staff
*Gugeh´s note…
*Party clothes!

I was thinking bout leaving my hood at home, but I went outside, a simple minimizing spell on my suitcase to keep it in my pocket, and I felt something creep on me. I looked at my hands, to see some black balls were eating my hand! I went inside, grabbed the hood, and put it on. all the damage was undone, and the black balls left. Yeah so.. OF TO SANRIOTOWN!

Yey! It was awesome. Ok… This is what happened yesterday:

 I am waiting for my guests to arrive. I invited the whole classroom but I´m not sure about how many people will care to come. First, came Ira and K´ira, meandering slowly down the sidewalk, side by side. As they came closer, I could see how gobsmackingly ordinary they looked.

They had mousy brown hair pulled back into a braid that hung behind their back. They both had pale-ish skin, with two or three of what could evolve into freckles. They had foggy blue eyes. The only not ordinary thing about them was the fact that they were like a mirror of each other.And I really mean it! Ira was right-handed, K´ira was left-handed. Ira had bangs slightly leaning to the right, K´ira to the left. Ira had a birthmark on her right nostril, K´ira on her left.Then came Gugeh, doing math. He is atheist, I was surprised he would attend. Yey!

Gugeh: Ortmántz!
Fenn: Huh? Oh yeah, it´s my birthday! uh.. Ortméntz.
Gugeh: You haven´t been paying attention in tradition class, have you?
Fenn: Well, with the ice- cream party, Magic training, and the math project to think about, I don´t really have the time.
Cherra: Ith thith Fenn´th biwthday pawty?
Gugeh: Who´s she?
Fenn: Flamera´s little sister. I didn´t know they were obvservant.
Gugeh: Oh?
Yeyh: Ormántz!
Fenn: Orméntz!
Gugeh: Hello Yeyh!

Yeyh looks like he should be in a gang. His hair seems to have exploded into thousands of spikes, and he has a peircing. He is outside so much that his skin is nearly black. However, he is the friendliest person i know.

Ira: *eyeballing Yeyh* Hey, look who came…
Yeyh: Hiya Ira!
Ira: Hey…. *giggles*
Wopenn: Ormántz, yayhu oknt´ka réesnta?
Fenn: uh… Idk… Orméntz?
Wopenn: Oh Fenn… Seriously?
Fenn´s Dad: A´right ya´ll! Let´s start the da-da-daaaaan… BEE!
Everyone: GAAAAAAAAAH!!!
Fenn: *grabs spear* GO AWAY RIGHT NOW!! *attacks bee*
Wopenn: Oh Fenn… Seriously? This is aa ceremonial spear, it is too blunt to fight with, otherwise it could hurt someone while dancing!

Ehem, don´t say I´m making a mountain out of a molehill, because when you are three inches tall, every molehill IS a mountain. And every bee is the size of a labrador retriever. Well, we walked around, talked, walked around some more, talked, and then it was time for the dance. Woppen, Ira, K´ira, Yeyh and me walked to the stage.

 Woppen: Ahem, it is time for the ceremonial dance that takes place on the day of the spirit number. Uh.. a´right let´s start.
Yeyh: Yeah!
Fenn: Do… do I start? *Woppen nods* Uh.. ok (this is what I get for not paying attention in tradition class) Nehír asha oknt´ka nara hos´hemla tere nehír rutói asha!
Everyone: Nehír Ortmántz!

And before you knew it, the dance was over. There was just another traditional ritual in my party, and I was feeling confident. Meanwhile, everyone just played and talked and had fun. I saw Gugeh walk over to the refreshment tables, have some Tshiri, add some Splenda, have some more Tshiri. Ira and K´ira were having a traditional hand game, Yeyh interupted to ask them what they tought of Flamera. My dad and Woppen´s dad talked about spirits and stock sales. I wrote a poem

Tshiri and Splenda.

The dish with the condiment tastes so strange,
of old and the new,
bitter and sweet.
But what to expect of Tshiri and splenda?

There are hand games and gossip,
and insurance and great gods,
and all tastes
of Tshiri and Splenda.

The things that together should not be,
that come from different places, different times,
all mixed together in a place
it is so strong it suffocates,
There is a taste in the air of Tshiri and Splenda.

Where does tradition go,
when it becomes obselete?
Where does tecnology go,
When culture, it reigns?
And there is a taste in the air of Tshiri and Splenda,
But I think I like it.

This poem is better than the old one. I should become a poet! Oh, well, time for the second ritual. Ok, this is what we do. We get these envelopes, they are made of the traditional material, but the photograph is scanned on, not painted. Here is mine:My native outfit Isn´t it cool? I´m not excactly positive of what it says, but I think it says happy birthday or something, some weird cheesy birthday card line. Ok. So what we do is fill the envelopes with some herbs and spices, and cooked meat. Then we trade them. I somehow end up with Cherra´s. Then we smear it on our foreheads. And my dad lights some incense. He walks around, slowly. We all chant the same thing over and over: “Ormántz, Orméntz, Hira Mehír Nóro´tzi Ka!” At first, it is tiring, but after 15 minutes my sight plays tricks on me, light dances before my eyes, the smoke become spirits, I can´t seeanyone anymore. Another five minutes, and my sense of smell fades until I can´t smell the incense. 10, and my hearing. Within 40 minutes, I am fully enwrapped in the scenario. This is where Gugeh´s father would have said our frontal lobe isn´t wotking properly. I see an eagle fly infront of me, spread it´s wings until I breathe it in. Then I shout. “Taí!” and everyone runs outside.

Nobody talks, we are slowly regaining our senses. At last, K´ira says: “You are the eagle, Fenn” But in our native language. Yeyh: Yeah.
Cherra: That wath weally cool. I didn´t no that woold happen.
Woppen: Yeah.

I remember what my Grandma woulda said:“The ancient warriors have spoken. You are the eagle, strong and bold and able to survive in battle. You are ambicious and a natural leader. Here, have this amulet.”

Then what Gugeh´s dad would´ave said:“This is proof that our brains find meaningfull patterns in meaningless noise. We are constantly trying to make sense of our world. It´s who we ARE. Here, have this science article.

But I dont care. I see conrete streets and endless prairie. I see business men and ancient spirits. The air has a taste of Tshir and Splenda, but I KNOW I like it. Oh yeah! I convinced Emmy to make a blog. I know her as a pen-pal, and she really needs to express herself more. Well, that´s it.

Howdy peeps! I have BLACK font, the most normal color, (or colour) I could find. Ok, so I did training, and the mystique guy said I will be ready to start to learn the hidden element of Ether in around two weeks! told Gugeh this, and he flipped. Yey! I freaked someone out!

Anyways, math. Ugh. Data Analysis? Seriously? I feel like a news reporter. Asking everyone pointless questions. Then the SOCIALS teacher found out by accident (weeell, no not really…) and it has to do with politics? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I put something about “transportation” Gugeh did something on “The growth of towns and villages vrs. the ethics of subcultures and ecology” Annoooooo-ying.

My birthday is in four days and my dad says that since it is my twelfth birthday, and that twelve has something to do with our family’s ancestors spirits, (yes, we are probably is the only family in the village that still maintains the native religious beliefs) it must be a traditional birthday.

That makes me feel thrilled and angry at the same time. I mean, I’ve heard about traditional birthday in tradition class, where they teach us the native language and traditions. On your families’ spirit number (e.g 12) the birthday person has this thing with a lot of incense and this food, and some prayers, it sounds fun, but, I mean, I hear from Gugeh’s dad that after an hour of the ritual, half of the frontal lobe’s electric signals switch off. Therefore, you are only half-conscious and you start to hallucinate. Which probably explains the supernatural part. I told the tradition teacher about my birthday, and she was over-joyed. (oh, wait, make that TWO families. Our tradition teacher is the shaman’s wife.)

Oh yeah! and the red glow thing disappeared! In an hour! YEY!

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