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Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

strange, so strange.

I think I am just too relax these days. I have already thrown away everything about the HKCEE. (It is because I don’t want to think about the result…) I am quite worry about Chinese language. Although I am Chinese, it seems I know nothing about this subject at all. Oh no! The paper has changed its syllabus. I couldn’t think of anything while doing the paper as the content of it was about the knowledge related to Chinese Literature. The questions were really difficult for me. Writing seems okay, but listening was just rubbish!!!!Oral…*sigh*

I think I have a better performance in English Language. Comprehension and writing were fine. A bit worry about oral. Listening was better… I think.

Arts– I had a great time^^ spending 3 hours finishing my drawing.

Chinese History and Geography– keep reciting… so far so good.

Econ and PA– *sigh* I am not good at these. Just want to throw the books away. can I quit? (of course_ NOT!!!!) help me~

okay let’s see how bad is the result. TAT

CSE 2008

Saturday, July 26th, 2008

CSE 2008 completed!

I have never thought that I could pass the interview {as my performance was just rubbish… }I was quite worried about it — it seems that I was the only one who joined this. So glad that my group mates are very nice~ And our silly(haha) fellow –Annabel(we call her Annie) I had a great time in past 2 weeks.^^

Few lessons are quite boring– watching power point, debate(I really don’t like that!!) it’s still good overall. It’s a pity that we didn’t take many photos~

Field Trip to Wan Chai^^ great! Annie always says that she’s melting.It’s really hot..The Traditional Korean Art Performance on the first day was brilliant!! Nice dance and beautiful clothes~  I could see Tsand Tak Shing.. and the cute little MC. She’s got soft voice and very polite[so sweet]The four korean girls have beautiful voice~ They can even sing in Mandarin and Cantonese!!(At least I can understand what they are singing)獅子山下 and 東方之珠great to meet students from different part of HK~

experience of lifetime~~~

Saturday, July 5th, 2008

熱烈期待 — 7月27日

去睇 Hello Kitty 展,開心開心~~