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Mid Autumn Festival–photos

Saturday, September 29th, 2007


Stars require electricity for lighting up ?!

please stand behind the yellow line

This is the most interesting picture. It reminds me that while the people are waiting for the MTR at the platform, there is always an announcement saying, ” for your own safety, please stand behind the yellow line.”sea of laterns

Wah~Sea of laterns…

Mid Autumn Festival

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007

My favourite festival has finally come. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!! yeah

The whole family visit my grandmother to celebrate this day. Since she lives in Yuen Long (a rural area in HK), we can leave the town centre and get rid of the tall buildings there. That’s why we can see the big moon and stars very clearly.

Her house is really big .(I don’t know what it calls…maybe a kind of bungalow…) We can have large area to play lanterns, which are lit with candles. We hang the treaditional lanterns up outside the house. The sence is so beautiful that you can never imagine if you haven’t played with those old style lanterns before. SO romantic as well. Luckly , it is not windy. Otherwise, we need to light the lanterns again and again.(although i enjoy doing that) I like to play with my rabbit lantern every mid autumn festival. It is so cute.


Mooncakes~!  My favourite food! It’s so kind of Ms Chan, our chinese history teacher, to give us mooncakes as the present of mid autumn festival. Each can have 1/4 mooncake~ happy.

 I don’t care how fat I would become after eating them. I still like eating mooncakes anyway. Mid autumn festival is not a day for us to think about our weights !!!


We don’t go home until 12 a.m. We have great fun on this special day. 

Happy Birthday

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007

HAppy Birthday to Andie, Ya and Bao!!   

Ya, you told me that  your birthday is in September in the assembly. So I decided to buy you a present. Although I have known you for only a year, we get on well wthout difficulties. You are the funniest girl I have never met. Haha~~ You like hugging people, don’t you? I didn’t use to doing it at first. Now I have found that it is so joyful to hug with friends. I should thank you for that. ^^  The present I gave you is a cake-like towel, so don’t be cheated by its appearance. I know it has great temptation to you (you like eating snacks and desserts so much). Don’t try to eat it.(laugh)I’m glad that you like it so much.  

Andie, I didn’t know your birthday is on the same day as Ya. Sorry for that. Although we both study Art, we are not interested in the same thing. You are interested in designing. You always have great ideas. I am not creative so I hate thinking about designing posters. You said I could draw ver well, but I think ideas are more important. I’m sure you will become a great designer in the future. 

Bao, you helped me a lot last year. You laughing is special and great (like dolphine). I always wonder how your name came from.**In Cantonese, Bao means bread** Maybe you can tell me in secret. So delighted that you love the Lilies. I am not very skillful in making handicrafts. The flowers are quite difficult for me to make.

Happy  Birthday

The MTR Hello Kitty Heroes Collection

Tuesday, September 11th, 2007

The MTR Hello Kitty Heroes Collection

If you ride the MTR 10 times (except the Airport Express) using the same Adult / Concessionary Octopus card any time from Monday to Friday within any of the campaign weeks, you can get a “Hello Kitty” Hero for just $18. A new MTR “Hello Kitty” Hero will be released every week during the promotion so there will be a total of six for you to collect!

A Limited Edition “Hello Kitty” MTR Train plus Theme Song* CD will also be available for redemption for just $30 from 27 August to 2 September. The MTR “Hello Kitty” Heroes and Limited Edition “Hello Kitty” MTR Train plus Theme Song* CD are only available while stock lasts.

*Music is re-arranged from Hello Kitty’s Fantastical Adventure - “Feeling as I Do”

So happy today. My cousin got them all for me. She loves Hello Kitty as well. It’s so kind of her to give me such a surprise.

Back to school

Monday, September 3rd, 2007

OH ~~~ byeThe summer holiday is over. My heart is still on holiday. What should I do? Now I am a F.5 student. I will have the HKCEE very soon.(so terrible!!) The mock exam will start in March, which I only have half year to go.Nervous all the time.Try my best anyway.

All F.5 studentslalaFIGHTING!!!