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Hong Kong Book Fair 18-24/7/2007

After having our Geog Supplementary lesson, I was asked to go to the book fair. I have never been to the book fair before. It is so crowd and I don’t really need to buy books (no money no talk). So this time, I did not expect to buy anything.

This is the first time I entered the HK Convention and Exhibition Centre. There were hundreds of people queuing up when we arrived. Fortunately, we only needed to wait for half an hour to get the tickets.(It’s very convenient to use Octopus Card to buy things in HK—save time!!) $10 to get in*No time limited* It’s quite cheap, isn’t it?

Hall7— Chinese Mainland Publisher   The books here were published in mainland, so the words were in simple Chinese. Although I don’t really like reading simple Chinese words, I was attracted by the book covers. Many fictions have beautiful front cover. I used to think that those mainland books could never meet the youth’s taste.

Hall5—Children’s Paradise   for kids and parents

Hall2+1—HK Publisher    Near same as the book stores in HK(lower price here). Well, nothing special actually. I was regret that I didn’t buy The Memory Keeper’s Daughter. It costs $76!! That’s a reasonable price for me—as an English book.

Grand Hall—Taiwan Publisher    Lots of comics and fictions to choose.(exciting~)

I had spent almost 4 hours in the book fair. Finally, I bought 1 book about  Onmyouji.~~

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