• January 2009
    S M T W T F S

Hey you guys! Sorry I haven’t posted in, like, forever! I’ve just been really busy with life- you know, school, family, friends, not to mention that Ryan and I broke up. I hate him.

You see, for the last few months he’s been “eying” this girl that goes to our school. I don’t know how to explain it, because it’s really confusing, but I’ll put it this way- he’s been flirting with her.

I didn’t like the idea of him doing that, so I confronted him with this situation, and he got mad and said that it looks like we need to see other people. Well, I don’t have another “people”, but he does. The girl that he’s been flirting with. I finally had the guts to tell him we should, and now we’re not together. So if I snap at any of you, I’m really sorry, because it’s not your fault. It’s Ryan’s.

That’s all for now! Thanks for reading!


2 Responses to “Hello!”

  1. i read your topic awhile ago. i can’t believe a guy would do such things. and worst enough, he share the same name as my boyfriend. lol.

    i have this stalker guy but it’s not bad as yours. i have no idea what you should do but it seems serious. how did the court hearing go?

  2. OMG, Neko! I hope everything goes well in court. Hopefully everything will get straightened out and Ryan will leave you alone- for good.

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