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Tasogare no begin - Takefumi Haketa with Hiroki Kashiwagi

July 17th, 2010 by werewolf:hellokitty.com.sg

Here’s a piano piece I would like to share. I love how calming it is. Anyways, please listen :3!

Getting ready for a high school party tonight. While my relaxation lasted, it was quite nice falling asleep at the computer x3. I would love it to be a bit more chilly today, it was so hot yesterday @ @. I sweated as if I’d ran 5 miles, v.v.


Hikari No Senritsu - Kalafina

July 14th, 2010 by werewolf:hellokitty.com.sg

Kalafina is a beautiful Jpop group formed in 2007. The vocalists are Wakana, Keiko, Maya, and Hikaru. The composer is Kajiura Yuki. This has to be one of my liked songs from them. I feel like some sort of a gypsy mixed in some sort of old rural fairy tale with the castle scenes in the background. This music is a must listen and is definitely relaxing. Guilty pleasure: I’d played this at least 20 times today!

[Pardon for the video not being the official one, Youtube seems to have rid the original video without any covers. The music video may be viewed here: http://video.yahoo.com/watch/6806713/17693096 ]

Here is the English translations of the lyrics:

Is the brilliance of this sky
Reaching your heart?
The tune you dreamed of is like its quietness

Even if your hands are still far from your dream
Recall the tender voice
Someone sang the chord of happiness for you

The sound of the sky echoes, high over your sorrow
All of the things reflected in your eyes are the real world
Not even tears can keep you here
Within the pouring light, you make music out of tomorrow

The truth is, no one could hear it
Such a sound it was
But it echoed cheerfully in everyone’s chest

On the next hillside path, surely happiness
Will surprise you with a kiss
When your tears dry someday
I’ll hear your chord

It’ll start from the sound of drums, a song of love
Synching a single sky-blue note
With that song everyone knew

When I sang alone, it was just a bit lonely
And I called for you all the while
It reached there, didn’t it?
To where you are

The real pain
Was when I touched your chest
The tune I dreamed of
Is like its quietness

The sound of the sky echoes, high over your sorrow
We’re living here and now for the day when we can laugh together
Not even kindness or dreams can keep me here
Within the vanishing light, I make music out of tomorrow

Because you think you aren’t a match
For the eternal truth your hands will grasp before long
With a rather loud voice
You named the song ‘hope’ and cried
Certainly it’ll reach the hearts of dreamers

Sign of Love - Immi

July 13th, 2010 by werewolf:hellokitty.com.sg

This will be on repeat for today, I can’t get enough of this song. I first heard if from House of Five Leaves’ opening theme song. And never suspected that I adore it’s electronic and artsy beats. It’s beautifully sang, *hits repeat button* (please have a listen) ~

Translation Sign Of Love
The map is too wide for me to oversee
And it makes me feel puzzled
I have given up on understanding it
We are so very shy
And get hurt easily
That’s why we have built a tall castle
To look down fromStanding ovation; resounding applause
Everybody knows that someone has to startWe walk shoulder-to-shoulder
Sign of love
Love is never in vain
I want to give you the things you desire
Show me your soul
I won’t forget you in my heart
As long as I love youTo you, who is also wounded,
I want to turn and huddle close to.
First of all, to feel your pain
And defeat someone is different
From forcing my way up
For the sake of us watching
That high landscape togetherOur endless desire will never
Be fulfilled through selfless love
Before we pass by one anotherWhat ties us together is just one
Sign of love
A ring of love encloses my warm heart
I keep lighting it so it won’t fade away
Show me your soul
If I love you, I will understand you
Make me tremble with a loud voiceSign of love
Show me your soul…
Sign of love
Show me your soul…

Saraiya Goyou

July 13th, 2010 by werewolf:hellokitty.com.sg


vizhouseoffiveleaves.jpg House of Five Leaves captured my attention for Natsume Ono distinctively created a signature look in it’s anime and manga characters. At first glance, immediately I’d associated their looks to resemble ghosts’ features, their exaggeration lay in their visage and expresses a deeper sorrow. My attention keeps centering on their widely drawn mouths, something about ronin Matsu’s natural expression simply shows sadness. At least that’s what I come to think of it. Pale faces, enlarged black pupils in their round eye sockets. Perhaps empty eyes or perhaps something beautiful like a forlorn look.

I fell in love with it’s use of instrumentals in their background, though I only started watching merely two episodes. I can’t get enough the blend of Paris and Japan’s sounds. Just watching 12 minutes into episode two or so, I’d was listening to the calm and relaxing sounds of a string-like instrumentals, like a zither where you pluck the strings with metal finger tips and altered the sounds by pressing or vibrating the strings and sorts.

The art in it’s scenery is truly beautiful and atmospheric. I find it contrasting to the 2-d drawned characters, though. Adding it to myanimelist.net and it’s a fairly short series, 12 episodes, it’s a must watch. (Perhaps too short, hehe)

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