It’s almost that time of the year again! Japanese sakura, or cherry blossoms, bloom only on March/April. Japan Guide’s forecast is that the flowers will bloom several days earlier than the last, with Tokyo opening on March 21, Kyoto on March 22, and Osaka on March 23.

4500_01 A hanami is a cherry blossom viewing party. It’s usually held during lunchtime, and they bring their food to have picnics under the cherry trees.

Popular cherry blossom spots include Ueno Park, Shinjuku Goen, Sankeien Garden, Sumida Park, Nagoya Castle, Maruyama Park, Daigoji Temple, Osaka Castle, EXpo 70 Commemorative Park, and Yamazakigawa Riverside.

Hi everyone! Since blogger Kathy has finished her sharing about Tohoku, today I (Kitty!) will come back and introduce good places in Japan to you all!

Kobe Misono is a beef restaurant in Honshu (Tokyo, Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto), and they serve beef - bbq! The beef is normally served with fresh garlic slices. You can try the lunch sets there - the prices are much lower than those in the dinner menu!




You’ll see the chef cooking the beef in front of you, and you can enjoy the great city view at the same time! If you’d like to have more information about this restaurant, you can click the link below.



From: Kobe Misono -

That’s it for this blog post. Until next time!

Universal Studio Japan!

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SanrioTown thanks this mother-blogger and her cute daughter, Demi, for sharing their Japan trip, Hello Kitty’s Travel Japan Blog will publish their articles from today till end of this week. Welcome all reader^^

Shinsaibashi and Osaka Castle!

You must visit Disney shop and Kitty shop.

Demi walks around in Disney shop and she learns what shopping is!

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Have you ever made your own instant noodles?  If not, this is a great chance for you to give it a try!

At the Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum in Osaka, not only can you get to try and taste different instant noodles flavour - including some that has been retired or those that is only available at the museum, you can even make a cup of instant noodles that says YOU all over it!

If you are in school, trying to save or simply a workaholics that have been working way too much hours, instant noodles should be no strangers to you.

The process of making your own instant noodles at My Cup Noodle Factory in the museum is easy:  first you get a cup where you can draw all over it with your marks, then you get to fill it in with noodles and up to four different kinds of dried ingredients.  A special machine will then package it for you and there you go - a cup noodle that so you!  And all it cost is 300 yen for each cup.

If you made a special reservation, you can even make some ramen from scratch - yes, from flour and eggs to the lovely strands of Japanese noodles - how neat!

Let’s come and make your own instant noodle today! 

Official website: (Japanese)

Image source:

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Although Mr. Snoopy is by no means as cute and as popular as I do(just joking!), chances are that you, your love ones or a close friend of yours is a fan of  Snoopy. And while in Japan, there are a couple specialty store called Snoopy Town where you can find exclusive Snoopy items - perfect as a souvenir!

snoopy town japan

The four Snoopy Town stores are conveniently located and scattered around Tokyo, Yokomama and Osaka. For more details, please visit the official website at (in Japanese).


After some crazy shopping in Japan, let’s have a change in taste and head to some theme parks!

Looking at the name "Universal Studio" probably makes you think of Snoopy, Spiderman or Popeye, but in fact, in Universal Studio Japan, you can find me too!


Universal Studio Japan is located in Osaka, and is directly accessible by JR (Japan Rail) which makes it easy to get here.

Other than spotting me, you will also find the familiar rides featuring Shrek, Sesame Street, E.T., Back To The Future and more.  Plus there are countless theme restaurants and shops there - so you won’t just shop til’ you drop, but also play and eat til’ you drop too!

Because there are so many things to do at Universal Studios Japan, there is not just a one day pass, there is actually a 1.5 days and a 2 days pass that you can purchase - no excuse for no time to try everything out at the park!

You can usually spot me near the Entrance, under the Canopy, Hollywood Area, in front of Universal 4-D Cinema - so be sure to test your luck and come say Hi if you see me : )

Official Website: (English)


After smelling some wonderful nice flowers, let’s go get some retail therapy!

Needless to say, the best spot to pick up a deal must be at the factory outlets.  Of the handful outlets in Japan, one of the most popular one is the Rinku Premium Outlet in Osaka.


(Image source:  KanChi)

Rinku Premium Outlet is about 4-5 times bigger than the Gotemba Outlet in Central Tokyo, plus the prices are better here in Osaka.  So be warned to leave plenty of time to shop! And do take a peak at the shop list before you go to plan your ’shopping route’, you won’t be disappointed!

For shopaholics alike, this is definitely a must go place if you happen to be in the kansai area - and there is even a 100 yen shuttle bus that takes you right here from the airport!  No more excuse, right?

Happy shopping!

Official website:

On top of the regular Sanrio Gift Gate which carry the full line of Sanrio products, there are also three Hello Kitty stores that sell nothing but items featuring me!

Plus, there are also Hello Kitty Store in-store exclusive items which you can’t find anywhere else - making a Hello Kitty Store on your list of must-see places while in Japan!

Hello Kitty Store

The entire store uses the sharp and cheerful color of black and red - how can you resist?

Hello Kitty Store 3   Hello Kitty Store 2

Store Locations:

Tokyo 109-2 Store [blog]

Aichi Airport Store

Fukuoka Tenchika (Underground) Store  [blog]

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