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08 Tokyo Day6 
Haha. I visit lots of lovely places today, including the Tamagotchi store in Tokyo Dome City.

Highly recommended!

Mr.Friendly is cute too.

What’s more we go for a walk at the University of Tokyo and we even have a meal at its canteen.

um…it is ok and cheap enough…

and we’ve got lots of choices there.

At night we go to Akabi to try various cameras…

How time flies!   XD

080509.Day6 ————————————————-
08 Tokyo Day6

The famous "Red Gate" at The University of Tokyo.

(I am wearing top and pants bought at Harajuku and chosen by my husband, love them^^)
08 Tokyo Day6 
We enter the campus and take a picture with the Red Gate again
08 Tokyo Day6
08 Tokyo Day6
Ya. Tamagotchi store in Tokyo Dome City, there are lots of cute Tamagotchi merchandises inside.

It is great XD

and cute

I take lots of pictures again
08 Tokyo Day6 
We arrive in Daikanyama, an elegant place, to visit Mr.Friendly  ^_____^

I go shopping at CouCou

It’s like a fantasy land, you must visit here!  XD
08 Tokyo Day6 
wow~Cute and yummy Mr.Friendly!

We order quite a lots of food

Hehe. I will share the pictures with you again when I am back

Today is wonderful  hahaha
08 Tokyo Day6
At night we go to Akabi and this D3 I am holding in my hands costs $200,000 Japanese Yen(with lens)

Lots of pictures to choose from now…

For today I choose those pictures in the f100fd camera…

quite nice^^

Finally, again, I go to sleep soon    dear all . bye ^o^

P.S.1 Earthquake occurred in Tokyo this morning, but we are safe^^

P.S.2 Today I ate yummy food too .. Ya


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