Miley Cyrus had a lot to smile about at the American Music Awards on Sunday, November 23. As a star-studded guest list of nominees and presenters made their Red Carpet arrivals at the NOKIA Theatre L.A. Live, teen sensation Miley Cyrus got her first surprise of the evening, a Kimora Lee Simmons for Hello Kitty special "Glam Kitty" necklace (3 carats of diamonds) from Entertainment Tonight’s Thea Andrews.

A fan of Hello Kitty jewelry, Miley’s reaction was priceless. "Hello Kitty’s my fave!" exclaimed Miley. "Oh, my Lord, it’s gorgeous! That is beautiful."

Fashion-minded fans who want to look like Miley can find more affordable Hello Kitty jewelry exclusively at Zales. The Hello Kitty by Simmons Jewelry Co. collection includes earrings, necklaces, charm bracelets and watches reflecting the Hello Kitty motif. Designs glimmer with colorful sapphires set in sterling silver that sell for suggested retail prices from $150 to $500. One fabulous piece, the "Lock and Key Kitty Pendant," retails for $995.

The Hello Kitty by Simmons Jewelry Co. collection debuted on Hello Kitty’s anniversary on November 1st at more than 1,000 Zale Corporation stores, in the Zales, Gordon’s, Peoples and Mappins divisions, throughout the U.S. and Canada. Zale Corporation is the exclusive partner in the launch of Hello Kitty by Simmons Jewelry Co.

So this is one of the more cute fashion statements (if kind of covered version), a photo obviously from Harajuku (the cosplay center of planet earth see signage). I don’t know cosplay much at all so I do not know if this is a character or not but it’s cute and interesting.

The acid smiley gives it a cute non anime sort of touch I think.

as seen on Sanriotown, got to love the pinkness of it! The most pink car you’ll ever see!

A set of pearls once belonging to Marie Antoinette and taken to Britain by a friend for safekeeping will go on sale in December, and are expected to fetch up to $800,000.

Now part of a diamond, ruby and pearl necklace, France’s last queen gave a bag of pearls and diamonds to Lady Sutherland, the British ambassador’s wife, before she fled revolutionary France in 1792, a year before Marie Antoinette’s death.

"Lady Sutherland was wife of the ambassador and friends with the queen, and they had children of the same age," said Raymond Sancroft-Baker, senior director of Christie’s jewelry in London.

"When you are in a dire situation, there are not many people you can trust and the key was to give the jewels to someone with diplomatic immunity," he told Reuters.

Marie Antoinette, legendary for her extravagance, did not know her fate at the time, he said, and would have hoped to be reunited with her treasures one day.

"Hope springs eternal," added Sancroft-Baker.

According to Christie’s, Sutherland arranged for clothes and linen to be sent to the queen while she was in prison.

"This was reportedly the last gesture of kindness shown to the doomed queen," the auctioneer said in a statement.

Marie Antoinette was executed by guillotine in October 1793.

The diamonds were made into a necklace, while the pearls were mounted later for the occasion of the marriage of Sutherland’s grandson in 1849.

Christie’s did not specify which of Sutherland’s descendants was selling the necklace.

"The owner said it just sits in the bank the whole time, and there comes a time for everything," Sancroft-Baker said.

He hoped the pearls, which have never been offered at auction before and remained in the same family for over 200 years, would be made available for the public to see.

"The Louvre might be interested, for example," he said, adding that the story behind the necklace made it one of the most important sales he had overseen at Christie’s.

"It’s right up there in the top 10 we’ve ever sold, because its provenance is rock solid, as far as we can be aware. There are documents to go with it and contemporary supporting evidence."

The necklace will go under the hammer at the Magnificent Jewelry sale in London on December 12, and is expected to make between 350,000 and 400,000 pounds ($700-800,000).

Ying writes in her blog about the new Hello Kitty-like fashion mascot for the Beijing Olympics, a kind of Hello Panda.

The design is definately more attractive than Beijing’s own mascot which you can compare with below.

I don’t like the above design, it’s neither Chinese, nor Oriental, nor Modern….in general I think it’s ugly, transexual, pretending to be cool when it’s not.

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