Toontown vs. HKO? We’re Girls and Women, not Children!

Posted by bbegirl Thursday July 17 2008 at 12:47AM originally on mmorpg -

So I came across this article:

an interesting comment:

So while most of the MMORPG world is watching and waiting for a WoW KO of Age of Conan and Warhammer Online, my eyes are on the gritty powerstruggle that will ensue between Disney’s Toontown Online and Sanrio’s Hello Kitty Online.
Just from the pure
gayness and pop-culture that surrounds Hello Kitty, my money is riding on Hello Kitty.

Well it’s great that you like Hello Kitty Online, but in keeping with some of the other posts I’ve seen, why do you all think Hello Kitty Online is for children first and then for older people later on? I’m not a child (at least age wise), and mosf of the beta players are not children either, infact I did not find any kids there at all, but maybe I chose not to meet them.

My point is, do away with the stereotype that pink and cute must mean it’s for kids, it’s not Club Penguin, it’s not Neo Pets. If you must know, Hello Kitty lovers go for this! And we think ourselves more as the below than as little kids.

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  1. I am 41 and own more hello kitty stuff than any child, (or adult for that matter) I know. The adults have the money, not the children. Which means it’s always the adults buying the stuff! I do share my love of Hello Kitty with my daughter & niece, ensuring future generations of adult Hello Kitty Cult members! ! !

  2. that’s a pretty good point. :)

  3. That’s so very true!
    All my friends think its childish to love hello kitty, but so what? I also like Bob the Builder and all types of cartoons.

    In my mind, I just think they’re jealous. :3

  4. :( You are offending me, i’m a male and I love Sanrio, yes it’s true Sanrio is not only for kids but also for adults, but u forgot to mention a few males like my self that loves Japanese stuff like anime and Sanrio. I rated your blog 4/5. (sorry if it sounds like a hate reply)

  5. sorry, I did not mean to offend you there, I was just reacting to the post that meant to say it’s not for kids only, of course guys can like Kitty, I think that’s great!

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