WoW vs. HKO, Mars vs. Venus, grit vs. cute, the whole Hello Kitty Online will take over WoW is a funny entertaining thought. Not entirely related to this blog topic but whatever!

I have been following with great interest the amount of interest and topical comments in the forums and elsewhere about Hello Kitty Online and it’s potential subscriber numbers and how it will be in the millions of millions, nobody seems to doubt that!

The most interesting one is the whole “Wow” Beater thing. Lots of games go out and claim they want to beat WoW, but why do we talk about HKO beating WoW? What amazes us about this topic? Does this mean that the world of Pink is here sooner than we all expect?

Well one image I found that I think you’ll find all amusing in all of this is this one from orcraider, ironically he too is on Hello Kitty blogging away!

Image courtest of Orcraider as originally posted on my MMORPG blog

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  1. i like this photo. :D

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