Ying writes in her blog about the new Hello Kitty-like fashion mascot for the Beijing Olympics, a kind of Hello Panda.

The design is definately more attractive than Beijing’s own mascot which you can compare with below.

I don’t like the above design, it’s neither Chinese, nor Oriental, nor Modern….in general I think it’s ugly, transexual, pretending to be cool when it’s not.

Kuromi, sometimes referred to as an evil twin/rival of My Melody, who is all sweet, she is sweet but sports a pink skull on her face. She was born on Halloween, Kuromi is the leader of a tricycle gang known as "Kuromi’s 5." Other members include a cat named Nyanmi, a dog named Wanmi, a fox named Konmi, and a mouse named Chumi. They all wear black and drive around in a menacing fashion.

Kuromi is the counterpart to the other Sanrio rabbit character, My Melody. Although My Melody has warm feelings for Kuromi, Kuromi’s feelings are more inclined to rivalry.

A style of character like this in my mind has a lot of potential in an older fashion and style, particularly now with bling in vogue and the darker look, she could be a nice counterpart to the more goth bling out there.

Every day, the cheeky black and white moggy walks the 50 yards across the cobbled street from the restaurant where she lives.

She then strolls past armed cops and guardsmen to the Queen’s apartments, where staff feed her along with the royal corgis.

Mime’s owner, restaurant boss Kevin Lam, 69, said: “She won’t eat any of our leftovers.

“She’s been going for about four years.

“A courtier told me the corgis used to fight with her at first, but after lots of barking and some hissing they came to a sort of truce.”

He added: “On the Queen’s birthday the Army locked the Henry VIII gates but the security guys opened one to let Mime through.

“After she’s fed she wanders back and goes to sleep in front of the fire.”

A castle source said: “Mime’s part of the furniture.

“Everyone looks forward to her visits.”

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