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This blog is dead n close down on 9/07/08 in 7:32

My blog is as gd as dead for so long as peiwen influence me, haha. Strt frm thurs, we went in the AVA rm n practice song, i dint use my lyrics tho, i ardy sort of mermorise the song at home then SCI, practice n saw tat majestic BIG ASS FANS when we enter the hall after break. Ya tats the brand or the company name? Was sort of enjoyin it when we enter the hall, it was so windy n cooler than i expected, i expect no wind at all, LOL. Then practice, the sec 3 formation was so COOL! Expecially coz they will in red it look so majestic.

On fri, sci trainin in hall as usual, blah blah blah, then sing song, the sec 2 wasnt darin in singin tho….nt like sec 3, so loud. Then break, go ava, saw the sec 1s. Duty n buddy assignin. I was IC for recess canteen duty, n duh, shaun n Hafiq was sort of jealous, HAHA, n hv duty for traffic last min o.0? of all duty, i still prefer traffic…but its tirin, as i hv to wake up early, im a lazy pig lar, haha. Gt 2 sec 1 buddy, one is Juline, lol. Too bad the senior does nt noes tat i noe her and another 1 is Ho qing, dun even noe its boy or girl…notice i use its, nt referrin it as in animal but as in duno the gender. Then rush off to north point to mit shinying n pei wen, finish paper 2, n steal her maths reflection, MUAHAHA. Pei wen practically copy a bit of my sci n juz read the chi cinder, n shinying was copyin her drench maths paper n my sci. Im the one hu is so guai tat i do almost of qn huh? LOL. Pic i tink sun post, havin bad bad headache the whole day. After i retrieve my chi cinder i left in mcdonald when playin wif shinying n peiwen. Was tkin pics lar o.0

PLS PLS comment in my blog, coz frm wad i noe, onli azurah, pearlyn n peiwen came to my blog b4, n a girl called amthyst lover

Cut my hair ytd, n pls dun comment the hair on my back coz i simply cant see it -_-n i dun bother lar….its all up to the barber to cut XP. N as always i cut the fringe triple short. ok, wads triple short?

Barber: like tat can?

Me: shorter

Barber: like tat?

ME: shorter

Barber: like tat?

Me: shorter

Barber: u sure le r?

Me: yes…

tata cute short fringe n i love it, the long fringe gv me pain pimple. hate it so muchy! Then…tot of slanted short fringe, haha so funny. Ppl is long slant then me short o.0 LOL. Then FF. Midnight at 1.15 am chat wif shinying over hmwk, her holidays n Tv shows o.0. Then scare her….lol then she quickly say gtg, bb O_O? Hw did i scare her? ok it goes…

Me: hu slipin wif u?

Shinying: wif my cousin

Me: girl?

Shinying: ya

Me: hw mani yrs old?

Shinying: 15

Me: u feel secure?

Shinying: y?

Me: ltr at night some1 pull ur leg

Shinying: dun say, erase! erase away

Me: then say ‘play wif me’

Shinying: gtg, bb

ok, this post longer coz long time no post. Then today tok to weiling then ask her abt hmwk n she haven done any! LOL then decide to mit at mcdonald to do hmwk…bought 3 hot fudge, 1 large fries n share. weiling bot apple pie for herself b4 tat they went to print my maths paper 1 n 2 coz they lost it n yixuan like nearly done all hmwk? So sad see i left so mani

1) Chinese Cinderella
2) Read Reader’s Digest cyber bullying (important?)
3) Comprehension from D.I.E

4) Newspaper Cutouts for (cut liao, but duno wan do review ma)
~ Myanmar cyclone disaster 
~ China,Sichuan’s Earthquake

~ Computer Crimes


1) Journal Writing

2) Maths Practice Paper
~ Paper 1

~ Paper 2 

1) Theory workbook Ex 8.1 - 8.5
2) Fun Science - Finger Print


1) Book review
2) 随笔
3) 随笔

Another day at sembawang. Spending time - 8+ to 1am. Mission - catch as mani crab as we can. Who is de we? haha, it is my uncle’s worker, we work together to catch. Startin was the tyin of stuff….i hate this -_- then poke de fish wif scissor to tie, blah blah blah. Yes its disgustin, can see blood n stuff…..lol. Intestine, n stuff in stomach, disgustin rite? well…this is my blog. ok, fast forward, FF. Then throw the trap down, b4 tat was checkin of spot…Then tata, tie onto the pole n wait le lor…then catch alot of crab, of coz some run away, do i hv to tell each n every experience of catchin a crab o.0 i caught at least around 50, dun wana die writin so much :D At 1 time, we went to the end to check the spot tat i wanted to try another time, it was at the v end n we saw lots n lots of crab :D but all small de….its alright at least it prove tat thr will be alot crabs thr, muahahaha. Then b4 goin bck to jetty, he bought me a cup of ice cream. The $1 type but it taste v nice wif chocolate n ya da zi o.0 lol. Then continue wif stuff, but the water was goin low tide so thr is lesser n lesser crab T-T so stop at 1am, n went home wif whole box of crab. Gave most of the crab to the guy :D Well, i crab for fun nt for the crab :) n Sad i din go down de water…..the water lvl was goin up so quite dangerous….BB. DE END( no pics, forgt to tk -_-)

Nude scandalsSee hw it ‘flys’

Today wake up early in the mornin 7.15, then off to bus stop at 7.50 n dear pei wen sms me tat she overslept…lol i dun mind lar, i dun wana see tat lexxus also…then wore my coolest slipper ”nude scandals” they call. Well, it does nt hv the thingy for the toes to go between but juz a flat rubber like a sheet of rubber down thr, lol. hw it works, DUN TELL U. go figure out urself…But peiwen was countin $ at home n the guy is rushin to other place then i quickly go out n gave him de stuff. N yes i admit tat im scared of tired wif this job, low pay or maybe no pay even when i work for long hours. So i decided to quit n i asked peiwen, she shared my opinion too. Its better wif the flyer thingy coz i get higher pay…but flyer stop work! ARg…me n pei wen is v devastated…n btw taqt guy nid to go off already so he ask me to tell pei wen tat he will collect tmr, lol…so wan see the scandals?

forget abt this, pls tagged under comments n leave here under blogroll, the links r thr n the comment if i nv link u

Camp was alright….well, ian was a gd advicer. He told me alot of things, but strtin was abit nt happy, of coz i din show it…but then i reflect on it n strted to realise everything n cherished ea n every of his advice. Then midnight wrote comments…on the momento? Was complainin abt Leslie but stop it when the Ex-co tok to us…n reflect again, lol. We slept at 3.47 am, b4 tat was the debrief… i was hittin my head against the wall alot times to keep my eyes open n stretch to remain awake. Then though abt askin the Ex-co ”Wads the purpose of this de-brief?” well, i still dun get the purpose after the tokin, they were tokin abt…abt…mistakes they make? so if their reply was this, then i will like to ask…”u wan us to listen n rmb rite? But can a person rmb n absorb this if they r tinkin of sleepin n tryin to slp?” Sry to Ex-co if u hear this, but can u pls think abt this, this is my opinion.

Ok, lets tok abt the sec 1, i felt it was alright, others felt like crap n chaos n disastous of my grp…lol. in the 1st place when i met them, i was always disciplinin them….then ian told me nt to discipline them ea n everytime but to capture their attention n play wif them, well thx to ian. it was realli useful…. then its always the michael n jackson…lol they r cute lar, but playful like monkeys? always bangs stuff, swing ard the staircase n makin fool, lol it was alright to me… then at night camp fire, leslie was givin out lightsticks to the sec1, n i went to get my own n pass to my grp n some other C1 girls n B2 girls, well they r my cutie-pie….then was piss wif one of the B2 girl, hu keep changin the lightstick tat i gave to her n complain ”i dun wan this color, change lar” then worst, hit me….change at least 5 times…was DAM piss lar. B4 tat was pesterin me of chocolates, sayin tat i promise her? then keep pesterin me, i told her to come find me if she wans, but she din so i nv gv n come pester me….then forget this…ok continue. i gave to…joanne as promise..haha i gave her the nicest color among ;blue! she was like so happy :D coz i run out of purple le so gave her tis coz she help me in smthing, of coz…wont tell u, hehe…nxt mornin was nt awake n has bad mood, was nt gd to my grp, sry guys…then ian speak to me abt…wad o.0 lol 4gt, but wad i rmb was i was awake right after tat n bad to gd mood…oh ya he tok to me abt the football players, haha…he has gd interpretin n psychologist…my post v long hor? coz long time no post…lol

sign off…no pics this few days..lol n yes i believe pic says a thousands words

Today, went thr wif a uniform,  i din noe nid to wear councillor tee. haix im always like tat, nv hear properly….then rush home to change. when i came bck, nazry asked me to go in the rm n shout out tat i rush home, well i dint lar. He did. Lol..he is funny among the exco…or rather qing ning n him is the funny people inside, well joel is funny but he laugh to himself and it is hard for him to make ppl laugh. Then when goin out to hall, i saw Zachary bein scolded by ms kaur n frm wad pearlyn wrote…he is nt in council now…mrs rupesh really mean wad she said but of coz she dint gv Zachary a slap lar… but i tink Zachary now is v sad…The rehearse was alright, my mood was ok… Then is the sec 1 n 2 nominated council games day. Then i strted to be moody for some sort of reason…then felt the game was boring even though mrs rupesh n the Ex-co crack alot of jokes…the game was borin due to my mood lar….N im sure my rebellious stage has arrived becoz i sort of hv 2nd thought of quittin council…well nt tat worst lar, juz thinkin onli…but of coz i wont quit…i hv been in for 1 yr n is nearly out of probation le leh…

im juz waitin for my sec 3 to come… n ya this yr, a leap yr is a v bad yr….disastor n mani bad things came.. whether it is personal or world, personal is of coz my rebellious stg…n world is the myanmar n china n USA stockmarket….bad yr huh?

i believe i was ur next closer frens after them

but today u make me realised im nt

u hv ur freedom to choose ur fren

i dun blame u

but im juz pure sad i wasnt ur 2nd choice of fren

ur sight, though tryin to say u were sry

but u still make me sad

i can still be ur fren, but i wont share any mor secrets

with u…

today durin SCI rehearse of the pledge o.0 i was faintin. i was like swingin too n forth. sadly im born like tat…i can walk n dun feel tired but cant stand probably coz of blood circulation….n for ppl hu hates me will feel tat im juz actin, wadever XP…durin dry run, every1 says tired, well understandable it was like 2 hr… but im seem to use to tiredness coz of the jobs tat i tk this days. my job was much mor tired then tat…charmaine requested to work, but is tat i dun trust her…SO SRY CHARMAINE T-T coz thrs 1 time…charmaine i hope u dun mind XP we went to walk ard SG…she complained, haix….so hard to say whether she will gv up after distributin some flyer, but dun worry charmaine! gt better lobang ill gv u :)…like distributin flyer at shoppin centre…

N i juz realised camp is mon n tues, faint… means i hv to re-schedule tat i will hv to work durin sat, so when i came bck, i was like sms non-stop to peiwen frens tat wan to work(new) n my game’s fren call pearlyn XP n her fren..well can u believe it?! her boy de fren all wan do 2000 or 3000, n i was like O.O…i was dyin when distributin 1000 le, they still can 2000 n mor O_O n then peiwen’s fren frm 2a2 wan 2000 ea….gosh, im faintin….anyway i predict they r strong XP

Sizhen- is nt tat im stubborn or wad, i juz dun wish to continue our relationship, becoz i feel tat im sacrificin too much but im sure the reply frm u will be ”im sacrificin mor then u” if ill to explain i would be able to write an essay. but ill like to end it wif some words ”i dun wan to believe in my tarot tat our relationship will be restored” n then ” i juz wan to end this”

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