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Happy B-Day to me!

Saturday, October 17th, 2009

Yay! My birthday rocked!

We had a scavenger hunt at the mall and we had to do a bunch of crazy things. For example, my friend Katherine had to run into a bathroom stall and yell, “There’s no toilet paper!!!” And I had to go to a children’s clothing store, find the smallest pair of pants possible, pretend to try them on and scream, “THEY”RE TOO BIG!” Tons and tons of fun.

I got mainly money and gift cards, but I also got a scarf, LOTS of socks =P an archie comic, a book called ttfn and Hello kitty big city dreams! Yayy! I was going to buy a purse, but the inner nerd in me told me to get a video game (haha!)

Oh and I am feeling really self-conscious right now. My cousin, with whom I shared pretty much my ENTIRE life with, called me ugly!!!!!! waaah! I’m sad =(

Please HELP ME!!!

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

I am in serious need of help right now. Tomorrow is my birthday and I’m having a scavenger hunt type thing in the mall. It’s not as much of a scavenger hunt as it is just doing random things, but I need twelve more tasks for the list! If anyone happens to read this and has ANY idea whatsoever of something simple you could do in the mall that won’t get you in trouble and doesn’t involve a camera that would be SO SO SO great!!! I’ve tried posting on the forums for help but I still need more! Any ideas would be appreciated even if you think they’re dumb; I might be able to build off of it. Thanks!