C’mon Get Down With the Sickness!

Rock Band 2 has become an obsession of mine lately. I <3 the drums! My brothers and I have been playing it nonstop the past week. If you’ve played the game at all, there’s a couple screamo songs (like the one my little brother is playing right now) and some other loud and obnoxious songs which is not particularly my favorite music but my cousin seems to be obsessed with it too and she likes it. Why can’t it be Pop Band or Country Band or Not-So-Loud-It’s 10:00-at-Night Band?

OH MAN!!! My cousin came over two days ago and yesterday and now she has to come over today cause her mom’s got a meeting. I like her and all but when she likes something, that’s all that she does.

                                     List of Cousin’s Previous Obsessions

Sims 2

Spongebob Squarepants

School Tycoon

Chibi Robo

Need For Speed Carbon


And there’s more. But there’s so many I forgot them. She’s coming in about 10 minutes, so I probably should end this before she notices me ranting about her.

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