November 1st, 2009 by waffles1:hellokitty.com

My Halloween was ruined. The party I was going to got canceled because someone got sick (might’ve been swine flu! darn those pigs!!!) so I was stuck at home. I contemplated going trick or treating with my little bro but then two people tried to jump our neighbor for his beer, one “bad guy” got beat up and the other one ran through our yard and might have stayed under our pool deck until the police left. Bright side was, it made the news and our street got publicity (… who cares!) After that we turned on the police scanner, got into our car and drove around town chasing after ambulances and such. I guess it wasn’t that bad but I hate halloween now.


Happy B-Day to me!

October 17th, 2009 by waffles1:hellokitty.com

Yay! My birthday rocked!

We had a scavenger hunt at the mall and we had to do a bunch of crazy things. For example, my friend Katherine had to run into a bathroom stall and yell, “There’s no toilet paper!!!” And I had to go to a children’s clothing store, find the smallest pair of pants possible, pretend to try them on and scream, “THEY”RE TOO BIG!” Tons and tons of fun.

I got mainly money and gift cards, but I also got a scarf, LOTS of socks =P an archie comic, a book called ttfn and Hello kitty big city dreams! Yayy! I was going to buy a purse, but the inner nerd in me told me to get a video game (haha!)

Oh and I am feeling really self-conscious right now. My cousin, with whom I shared pretty much my ENTIRE life with, called me ugly!!!!!! waaah! I’m sad =(

Please HELP ME!!!

October 13th, 2009 by waffles1:hellokitty.com

I am in serious need of help right now. Tomorrow is my birthday and I’m having a scavenger hunt type thing in the mall. It’s not as much of a scavenger hunt as it is just doing random things, but I need twelve more tasks for the list! If anyone happens to read this and has ANY idea whatsoever of something simple you could do in the mall that won’t get you in trouble and doesn’t involve a camera that would be SO SO SO great!!! I’ve tried posting on the forums for help but I still need more! Any ideas would be appreciated even if you think they’re dumb; I might be able to build off of it. Thanks!

First Day of School

September 15th, 2009 by waffles1:hellokitty.com

The 14th was my first day of school. Yes, I know it’s a late start, but I’m homeschooled and I go to a school specifically for homeschoolers two days a week so everythings out of wack anyway.

The first day of school felt as long as ever… AND THE BEST PART!!! The AC in the building wasn’t working so we got to be stuffed up in a hot room all day. School hasn’t been too bad but there are two problems:

1: One of my best friends isn’t in my class! She’s a grade below me and the classes are split up funny so that is no fun at all.

2: There’s  new girl in my class, Coco. You’d think she’d at least try to make friends but all she does is listen to her iPod at recess (yes we have recess, but no I am not still in elementary school. My school has elementary grades in it so we still have it) and doesn’t participate in class. Plus, she doesn’t like birthdays. Who doesn’t like birthdays??? I (ALMOST) feel bad for her though because on the second day of school two of the three teachers completely embarrassed her in front of the class by doing these, like, little kid birthday songs and making everyone stare at her and say “Joyeux anniversaire (sp?), Coco!”. I’ve been thinking about her a lot. Like, why doesn’t she try to make friends? We want to include her but she doesn’t seem to like us. As far as we’re concerned, GO BACK TO YOUR OLD SCHOOL COCO, but then again, we’re not that rude. Everyone wants her to fit in but she doesn’t seem to want to.

C’mon Get Down With the Sickness!

September 2nd, 2009 by waffles1:hellokitty.com

Rock Band 2 has become an obsession of mine lately. I <3 the drums! My brothers and I have been playing it nonstop the past week. If you’ve played the game at all, there’s a couple screamo songs (like the one my little brother is playing right now) and some other loud and obnoxious songs which is not particularly my favorite music but my cousin seems to be obsessed with it too and she likes it. Why can’t it be Pop Band or Country Band or Not-So-Loud-It’s 10:00-at-Night Band?

OH MAN!!! My cousin came over two days ago and yesterday and now she has to come over today cause her mom’s got a meeting. I like her and all but when she likes something, that’s all that she does.

                                     List of Cousin’s Previous Obsessions

Sims 2

Spongebob Squarepants

School Tycoon

Chibi Robo

Need For Speed Carbon


And there’s more. But there’s so many I forgot them. She’s coming in about 10 minutes, so I probably should end this before she notices me ranting about her.

PLEASE tell me glasses are cool!!!

August 21st, 2009 by waffles1:hellokitty.com

Two days ago I got glasses. Someone tell me they are cool. Because last year I had an obsession at school with hoodies with the sleeves pushed up and that is probably the least cool thing a girl can do at a new school. Luckily, I got over that phase. Now I’m stuck again. I honestly don’t know if I look that good in them (Oh, looks aren’t everything!). I knowwwww, but a girl dressing up as I guy is social suicide. What about glasses?! They’re not as bad, right…?


Fancy Meeting You IN THE MIDDLE OF THE LAKE!!!

July 12th, 2009 by waffles1:hellokitty.com

Today my cousin and I went to the beach. We could literally walk flatfooted all the way to the buoys because the water was so shallow from an awful forest fire we had in 2003. Anyways, we were swimming around this boat (which happened to be selling smokies) and I saw this guy who lives down the street from me.

I happen to HATE this guy.

So I swam (walked) up to him and asked him what his name was and (yep) it was the same slimebucket who made fun of me in guitar lessons. I mean, WHAT are the chances?! Meeting someone you know IN THE MIDDLE OF A LAKE. We started following him just to annoy him, but we got distracted by a bunch of girls (I am a girl, for future reference) screaming and laughing who we called the piglets because they were younger than we were.

My cousin and I were playing this game in which we owned all the buoys and the piglets were floating around one of them so we started to swim (run?) towards them and they started shouting “They’re coming! They’re coming!” and swam (ran) away from the buoy they were at. We laughed at the thought of us actually being intimidating. But after all, one of the girls was afraid to be in water where she couldn’t stand so a duck would seem intimidating to them.

Anyways, lots of fun and stuff =P

Boys R Us!

July 7th, 2009 by waffles1:hellokitty.com

Okay, it’s nawt what you think! Boys R Us, a book by Lisi Harrison, came out today and I bought it and read it all! I hawnestly am in luh-v with this series and cannawt stop writing with excessive use of W’s and general misspellings of simple words. I am excited x10 for the next book! Who else is just as obsessed with finding out what happens between Massie and Landon???

Camping (sort of)

July 6th, 2009 by waffles1:hellokitty.com

Yesterday my mom reeeeeally wanted to sleep in a tent so she set one up in our backyard. Me, my brother and her watched a movie on our laptop in there. Actually my brother didn’t watch all of it because he said he couldn’t breath and went inside (he has asthma). After the movie was done he shut off the computer and I couldn’t fall asleep FOR EVER. I probably went to sleep around 12:30 or 1:00 am. Then I woke up at 6 and realized it was raining and we had some electric thing outside so i told my mom to go get it. After she was done, we ate and I fell asleep again until 9:30.

And I have resolved not to get out of my pj’s today.

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