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October 23rd, 2007 by vonology:kuririnmail.com

i have moved my blog. (:


loves, yvonne (:


September 23rd, 2007 by vonology:kuririnmail.com

advertisement time!

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here are some of the pics from the blog.

pretty cool isnt it. this is their first collection. LOOK OUT FOR MORE. shop now at HERE

September 15th, 2007 by vonology:kuririnmail.com


went prawning again with min boi n shin. this time, the uncle gave us prawn again! damn fun!!!!!!


went ecp to cycle. hell lotsa fun. im ABLE to cycle now okays. had kenny rogers after that. sinful ):


went suntec with shin last thurs. intended to sit down and chill. ate at some jap restaurant at citylink. not very nice though. went shopping arnd.. dah dah dah. walk past this shop “simply bon bon”. its like a candy empire..yum yum. and of course..we bought sweets…

and took some pictures at the kiddy area :) 

walk and EAT again. no wonder im getting fat. had donuts from Donuts Factory. its alright. dont know why so many ppl are crazy over it.

*something’s wrong with my pictures. or the photobucket thingy. will upload the pictures soon.

oohhhhhhhhhhhhh. and this online blog shop coming up soon. pretty cool stuff.

till then.

updates updates

August 27th, 2007 by vonology:kuririnmail.com

im back!

well well well, i wouldnt say im totally okay now. but at least. im better. no worries friend. i can stay strong. lots things happened. maybe time might heal (thats like what EVERYONE is saying).

ohh.taiwan pics. my taiwan trip on 20july. hadnt had a chance to post them.oh man! taiwan is FUN. the clubs there are like WOW. the food there are SLUURRRPP. didnt buy alot of stuff back. but it was pretty fun EXCEPT for the hotel which look like an ugly office building! there are ALOT of pics. but i shall post just 3 :)

that my bestie SHIN, me and AHBOI who just CUT her hair :D

this is the YOU-MUST-SIT ferris wheel if u ever go taiwan.its AWESOME! its at miramar =)

this is the sunset at dam-shui. its not photoshop-ed okays. awww.u must be there to see it urself. super pretty CAN!

lemme see. what else.. ohh. CLUBBING at zouk on 1aug. pics are here! clubbed with jasmine, boi, elvin and shari-ann! love ya guys!

jasmine. me. ahboi!

elvin & shari-ann!

school’s started. pretty fine. though i skipped quite a no. of times for my monday class. =X ohhohhohh. and i joined the TENNIS CAMP. hell lotsa fun. the orientation, the learning tennis and making new friends! i kinda like tennis but i suck at it! ohh.and my bridging papers. im gonna PASS for SUREEEE! :D love my lecturers who gave OBVIOUS hints. HAHAHAH

oh. shin seem to be getting crazy over this “chocolate”(the red packaging one!) haha. damn. this girl is cute aint she. haha. shin, go know him. who knows? “chocolate” might be ur next best friend! oh. and there’s this guy (who ahboi claimed tt he look like edison chen), he seemed to be “targeted” by quite a no. of girls?! but he’s short! jasmine and i have been slacking at home. time to find a job.

intro me a job anyone. preferably flexi working hrs =) i need the money! i want to watch hairspray, 881, the bourne ultimatum. oh, jay’s secret is NICE! :D

yvonne loves you all. mmwwuuaaks!

thankyou friends for being there. i love yaa :D

August 15th, 2007 by vonology:kuririnmail.com

shin said i shld just write out how i feel.and i will feel better.

we went back together aft my taiwan.everything went smoothly. we were happily together until 13aug. i asked if he loves me. he said dunno. i cld sense that the mutual feeling was not there anymore. he said to give each other sometime. i know he meant to breakup slowly…

i didnt want to accept the fact we are gonna be over and we still normally on msn without calling him dear.on 15aug.. we talked on the phone. he said he didnt want any commitments, he didnt want to have a gf at the time being. wad can i say? i cant say i dont want and i insist on having him as my bf. i agreed to the breakup.

i was browsing thru frenster. i saw the girl. who i suspected he used to fall for. her status was single not long ago and now it became “in a relationship”. i hope it was not him. i went to check out his profile.he deleted our photos, obviously telling everyone we are not together but his status was “in a relationship”. i dont know if both of them are together.

but if they are really together i think i wil just go crazy. if u like her why cant u just tell me the truth. why fake up all the reasons just to tell me we are over.

i used to be very strong. be in any situation or in terms of feelings or relationship. but this breakup hurt me too much. way too much. i never cried so much before. and yl, u successfully made me cry for you. i hope im wrong abt you n her, but i doubt it.

everyone say time heals all wounds. but scars still remain!! once bitten twice shy.ive been bitten twice, i think im just stupid. yl, arent u just so powerful that u can make me this devastated! everyone tell me..he’s not a gd catch anyway. but so what? i LOVE him. and now. i only can tell everyone. he LOVED me.. and not LOVES me. everything come crashing down so hard. so hard on my feelings. im not made of steel. i do feel the hurt.

if u ask me if im ok? i can tell u. IM NOT.

i just need some time alone. i dont feel like going out. i dont feel like talking to anyone. i dont need anyone to console me cause i know what u gonna say. i dont need any help. i want to stand up on my feet myself and tell myself i will walk out of this myself.

to all my frens who consoled me. thanks. but still. i want to get through this myself. i wanna let out all my tears till im totally numb. i wanna do it myself. so i might just stop replying or stop answering phonecalls. but i promise i will be alright. i treasure life, dont worry guys.

and lastly, the thing i wanna say to him..

i love u that much.and what i gt in the end?  but still. i thank u for the wonderful memories u have given me. i wont forget that. but i will put the past behind me. i might not be the best gf u had but i hope u loved me as much as i love u before. bye dear.

July 15th, 2007 by vonology:kuririnmail.com

everything is over.

u dont love me like yesterday. but i still do.

almost 2 years. and u left just like that. u left me hanging there.

my world stop moving. because u left.

i still love u. but u dont.

BIRTHDAY - part 2!!

June 29th, 2007 by vonology:kuririnmail.com

haha. yea yea. the pics are here! went clubbing on 23rd on the eve of my birthday!. dead drunk. haha. damn fun. :D

here are the pics. they are the ppl there with me tt day.

and the guy who was born on the same day as me!! Roche

our drinks. that’s only a little part of it. we had illusion shots, green apple shots, flaming lambo, vodka redbull and blah blah blah..

and my present from min cas and el was CASH. haha. practical! i like.

huali bought me this..anna sui cardholder

ahboi and waishin.. bought me my favourite!! domokun. (all the way from japan).

i simply love them.

thank you everyone!! i had a wonderful bday celebration!! love yaa all


BIRTHDAY - part 1!!

June 26th, 2007 by vonology:kuririnmail.com

haha. realised the part 1 at the title there?

part 1 refers to my 1st part of my bday celebration. together with my girls at fish and co. arnd one week before my birthday. celebrating mine and janet’s birthday together! :)

we were made to stand on the chair with an ugly hat!! shant go into details for that. that is TOTALLY embarrassing!..

here here. the pics.

AND THE PRESENT FROM THEM… i haven took the pictures of the tortoises! shall post them in my next post!

part 2 is my birthday celebration with my buddies at Phuture. shall write a post when the pictures are up!

part 2 coming up!! STAY TUNED!


June 17th, 2007 by vonology:kuririnmail.com

oohh. its been long since i last updated!! miss me everyone? haha. i started school. at SIM. bachelor of science in banking and finance. sounds cool? give me all ur money next time and i will take GOOD CARE of it. *evil laughs

i started my bridging course to gain entry to the 2nd year. yeahhh. and i love econs :D call me mad. maybe because hadnt been studying for too long. i paid 100% attention in class! CLAP FOR ME EVERYONE. i hadnt do that (paying 100%) for the past 10yrs? hahah.

oh. pictures! this is a classic one. ting’s and charmian birthday we went PRAWNING, which means catch fish for prawns beside jurong reptile park. and we get to BBQ the live prawns and eat them on the spot. this is all the shells and prawn heads only.the body part in our stomach! 6 of us = BIG eaters

coolness. and we watch oceans thirteen. not as good as i expected it was.

shall update next week. cos it’s my BIRTHDAY IN ONE WEEK. 24june. the big day!! haha.

this design on a tee-shirt made my day.

I’m LOVIN’ it.

May 30th, 2007 by vonology:kuririnmail.com

IM BACK to sanriotown.

hasnt been blogging. had been really busy for the past weeks.

2 big events over the last 2 weeks. my GRADUATION and KL trip. yes. and here’s the pics. had to wear the grad robe. kinda ugly.haha.

 yeaahh. these are my girls. :D

KL trip was fun. but i bought very little things =( and i realise how small is singapore after i went KL. the major shopping malls in KL are mid valley shopping centre, 1 utama and times square. 1 utama is the ultimate. its like 4 vivocity. or maybe more. took me 5hrs? to shop just half of the shopping centre. too bad i only went for 3 days. i can stay there for a week!!

anywayy. its okay. cause.. GREAT SINGAPORE SALES is here. 25June to 2July i think. omg. shops are having like 20%, 50% and even up to 70% discount thruout the whole singapore. yippeeee. shall spend my week shopping.

and the hotel was not bad. quite small though(for 5adults to squeeze into a twin room). haha. on budget holiday!!

here’s the funny pics!!

i was holding the cam, so im not in the pic =(


more updates to come!!

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