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 This is not the one you can see in Hello Kitty Online. This is a game for the PC that was released back in August 21, 2003 according to Gamespot.com. I found myself a copy a few days back and now I bring you a few screens from the game.


These are a variety of mini-games that are simple and fun to play during your lazy hours or whenever. I’ve tried them all, although I don’t know the term or what to call the other games.

  • Pen Pal Word Find - a crossword puzzle type game
  • Amazing Aquabatics - a matching type game
  • Ferris Wheel Friends - a memory type game
  • Fireworks Show -
  • Rainbow Smoothie Coaster - a memory type game
  • Penguin Plunge -
  • Pachinko Balloon Race - the game title says it all
  • Twilight Teasers -a reversi type game









Do you think this is where they got the name for the map of the Dream Carnival in HKO? Or just coincidence?

Remember when I blogged about “Hello Kitty to Issho! Block Crash 123!!” for the PSP? I was surfing the intarwebz and found out more of the characters you can find in the game.


Cute right? O_O

Sorry I can’t read Japanese, but it’s from a website called with-kitty.com.

You can see full body artworks for the different characters there as well. It seems they are called “Kittylers”. Correct me if I’m wrong :3


I’m assuming the secret character in the PSP game is one of those two that don’t show in the game’s intro. Or both? I don’t have much patience in sitting for hours trying to beat an arkanoid-type game X3

Well now. After a once-a-year conversation with an old colleague, I found out that Hello Kitty will be featured in an upcoming game of Monster Hunter.

Monster Hunter never really sparked my interest when I found about it during its first title launch on the PSP. But now that Hello Kitty will be on it, I guess I’m gonna be forced to play it out, out of curiosity.

Source: http://kotaku.com/5495316/why-hello-kitty-is-collaborating-with-this-popular-franchise

Got my hands on a new Hello Kitty game for the PSP called “Hello Kitty to Issho! Block Crash 123!!”. Released just last July 15, 2010. Got it from Play-Asia. What is “Sanriowave”? First time I’ve seen it (on the game’s opening credits).


 I haven’t been able to finish the game, but it seems to be based mostly on (if not all of the games) the game I played when I was a kid - Arkanoid. You get to choose a character and the game ‘varies’ depending on who you chose. And supposedly you get to unlock other stuff when you finish a stage.


title screen

game menu

The game menu design scrolls between the different characters you can choose to play the games. There is a locked secret character. I’m assuming it’s a ’she’, and that ’she’ will also be scrolled on the game menu once she gets unlocked. Although the silhouette might be throwing me off… you think it could be a ‘he’?

The clock/calendar function is back from the Hello Kitty Puzzle Party game, and you need to defeat the stages of the game to unlock more options to customize your clock/calendar.

the clock/calendar screen - this is the first set you have

the clock/calendar customization screen - beat the games to unlock more options!

I got a little lazy taking more snaps (if you can just imagine the heat here right now) but I’ve managed to take these for you. These are the different characters as presented during the game’s introduction.

Gotta love that long hair - it can go ‘whappish!’ against evildoers! Gotta equally love that giant red bow - it can go ‘baammmmm’ against evildoers!

Is that a ‘Kitty Bank’?

Kitty headphones! And a Kitty swim suit?

Reminds me of GMPirate from HKO NA. Arr!

Reminds me of the farming in-game (HKO) and those pesky moles!


I’ll bet that’s a KittyPAD!

My favorite character in the game.

Kitty Hat! And there’s a Kitty Bag on her back…

A hi-tech Kitty Headphone! If you get to watch the intro, you’ll see that she’s holding is a Kitty Guitar. I think that’s a Kitty Drum Set (not sure) at the back. And there’s a pair of Kitty Slippers just like in the game! (HKO)

Nyaaa! A Kitty Head Band! They should make an apron like this in-game (HKO). And I think there below are Kitty bouquets.

I smell some drama brewing… or am I too late for the opening? C’mon kids, aren’t we in HKO to get away from real life? Or at least have some FUN? Drama never equals to fun, as far as I know.

You make a mistake.
You realize that mistake.
You apologize.
You accept the consequences.
You forgive.
You make amends.
You move on.

You add more to that, then you’re no better than the one who did wrong.

My 2 cents.

Thanks to GM-Red for letting me inside her farm to be able to take Keroppi’s picture! And it seems that I wasn’t the only one adoring Keroppi! :3


After a lot of lazy months and pet parties, I finally decided to go on with my quests and reached London! In one of my quests from there I got to see this nice grassy-field-thingy of Kuromi! :3


Meow ~ :3




Finally got it after almost two months of waiting, despite the location where I ordered it and where I live are almost next to each other… >_>

I don’t think anyone would disagree with me, when I say that there are too many reminders inside the game. Of what? Of the Item Mall.


Makes me want to try and find out if there are any other things that are redundant in the game. Like redundant tutorials, redundant quest rewards… Hey! You never know. It’s possible… ;D


Now if they made a way so that I can purchase Coins to buy stuff off the Item Mall, I probably wouldn’t mind the redundancy as much. Lol! :3 I’ll be blunt, earning Loyalty Points may be free, but it’s so tedious. If the stuff in the Item mall didn’t cost so much (Like that Star Wand I want to buy so bad, but costs 9000 LPs, yikes!) Plus, who can win at those flash games in SanrioTown if you need to beat a crazy top score of 100000000??


For the fun, yeah. For the LPs? I’m not even gonna try. :3

This is another event that’s a first for me. Never thought I’d actually use these seeds, specially since they were mostly just aesthetic, and I still can’t gather them myself. Although planting them for this event raised my planting skill, enough for me to use my level 4 farm for my second entry, which is neato.



My First Farm Frenzy Entry: “Bountiful”



My Second Farm Frenzy Entry: “Kaboodle”


The event details here. My entry here. The rest of the entries here.

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