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Clear them roads

January 9th, 2008 by virtualrain:kuririnmail.com

Found something that I think might help a lot of people. Meet Yukitaro :]

I dunno I’d wanna have him around just for the sheer fun of it. It gives a whole new meaning to the term uhhhh… “pooping bricks”. Uh hi. Yeah I know that’s not it, but you get the idea :D

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The Go[o]dfather

January 7th, 2008 by virtualrain:kuririnmail.com

The Goodfather

A kid-friendly version, where that puppeteer’s hand is probably working on actual puppets to entertain his kids.

Aww. Haha. :D

Credits to somethingawful.com :]

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Top 10 signs you’re at a bad New Year’s Eve party

December 31st, 2007 by virtualrain:kuririnmail.com

New Year’s Eve Party

I actually have 2 lists, from the infamous David Letterman (and of course his writers haha, I miss my shows). So the first list, from 1996. Top ten signs you’re in a bad New Year’s Eve party:

10. Champagne is just a mixture of 7-Up and malt liquor

9. To beat the traffic, most people leave when the countdown is “6″

8. At the stroke of midnight, everyone starts doing their taxes

7. You’re pretty sure the drunk next to you is the late Guy Lombardo

6. Everyone has to be back in their own cells by 10:00 PM sharp

5. It’s just you and the automated time-telling lady on the phone

4. Everyone’s speaking whatever language “Auld Lang Syne” is

3. At midnight, your host turns to his girlfriend and screams, “Helen! Release the iguanas!”

2. Passed out in the onion dip is Robert Downey Jr.

1. Macarena! Macarena! Macarena!

And the second list, and I think the top 1 of this one is better haha :D

10. Brand of champagne: Dom Deluise

9. At midnight everyone gathers around to watch your Uncle Earl’s pants drop

8. You wake up the next morning wearing a medallion and there’s a note from Al Sharpton that says, “I’ll call you”

7. You hear a guy count down before using the bathroom

6. Joycelyn Elders is there trying to get herself drunk

5. It’s eleven o’clock at night, and you’re watching Roger Ebert play Twister

4. Six times in a row, a champagne cork lodges in your trachea

3. The so-called “Party Hats” are really Letterman’s old hairpieces

2. Everyone’s gathered around the TV watching that geezer from “American Bandstand”

1. It’s over by 9:30

Hahaha! Happy New Year everyone! Here’s to a great 2008, with all its surprises, hopes and blessings. May we only look back at the good things from 2007. Cheers! :D

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Santa needs your help!

December 28th, 2007 by virtualrain:kuririnmail.com

Missing Elf

After all the hustle and bustle, I guess not everything went as planned. Any help would be very much appreciated. :D

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Merry Christmas!

December 26th, 2007 by virtualrain:kuririnmail.com

Santa Motorbike

A little late, but hope you all had a great Christmas! Aside from food and gifts, hope you guys were able to find deeper meaning from these holidays.

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Ancient Scrabble

December 20th, 2007 by virtualrain:kuririnmail.com

Scrabble. Well when we play scrabble, there’s always the occasional question of whether you can use foreign languages. Which, of course, is against the rules. So we follow the English dictionary.

Ever wonder what scrabble would’ve been like if language hadn’t evolved to what it is now?

Fashion Faux Pas

Aha. Caveman scrabble.

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Ambiguous signs

December 18th, 2007 by virtualrain:kuririnmail.com

Here’s a set of pictures that are not to clear. They’re from the US government department of homeland security:

Safety against Radiation:

US Government Safety Signs

Real caption: Time. Minimizing time spent exposed will also reduce your risk.

Parody caption: Try to absorb as much of the radiation as possible with your groin region. The current world record is 5 minutes, 12 seconds.

And another one:

US Government Safety Signs

Real caption: Local authorities may not be able to immediately provide information on what is happening and what you should do. However, you should watch TV, listen to the radio, or check the Internet often for official news and information as it becomes available.

Parody caption: When the looting begins remember to consider the weight/value ratio. Here we have a few examples of high value, low effort.

Hilarious. Check out the others here, without the original captions. Give me other captions for these if you can think of any haha. :D

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Bed cover for sale

December 10th, 2007 by virtualrain:kuririnmail.com

Bed Cover For Sale

Does that mean a husband AND a wife? Or just a wife? What, not a wife and a half?

Now… don’t you husbands go measuring your wives. I guarantee that you’ll either get slapped, or you won’t get to feel the comfort of the silk bed cover for a while. Haha.

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December 6th, 2007 by virtualrain:kuririnmail.com

Wow some people have too much time on their hands. Look at this.

Kinda funny though. I wonder where the cow came from. Haha. :D Maybe I should check my closet, I have socks just like those.

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Ad placement is key

December 4th, 2007 by virtualrain:kuririnmail.com

Ad Placement Is Key

Now, it’s only a matter of which one makes use of the most attention-grabbing techniques, or which will be noticed first, or whichever strikes more nerves with the sheer importance of its message.

I feel like going to McDonald’s. Mmm.

(Seriously though kids, easy on the BigMacs :D)

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