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Random stuff about me (Tagged!)

Friday, February 1st, 2008

Dice Balls

I just found out I’ve been tagged by Mr. Rock Out :D Basically you’re supposed to post 7 random things about yourself.

1. I remember commercial jingles, because they really work with me. If I’m walking down a grocery aisle and I remember a good jingle, I most probably will buy that product (unless I absolutely know I don’t want/need it) haha.

2. I zone out a lot. And by that I mean totally drowning out all sound or feeling. :D

3. My right ear is overly sensitive. It can be a bother, the noise/sound doesn’t even need to be that loud. It hurts.

4. I love Italian food, it’s got to be some sort of art form. Something about the meat, herbs and the pasta.

5. I’m a walking contradiction regarding the heart-mind thing. I’m 100% dreamer, 100% realist :D It’ll take ages to explain, so I’ll leave it at that.

6. My faith is the most important thing in life for me. I believe that my relationship with God is the most important of all, and have proven that if you focus on the “vertical”, your relationships here on earth will also fall into place.

7. Cake isn’t just a dessert, it’s an experience.

What an odd mix of serious and random :D well, that’s me I guess. Thanks for taking the time to read!

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Console Cakes!

Friday, January 25th, 2008

Aha. I read the post on Happyblog about game-themed cakes, and decided to add some stuff I’ve found to the little collection :D

Except this time, it’s all about consoles. Here we go here we go.

PS3 Cake

The PS3, with controller. Not bad :D Black icing, I wonder if it tastes any different.

Gamecube Cake

The Nintendo Gamecube, you may remember it from 2002. A little messy, but who cares :D

Arcade Machine Cake

Again, messy, but come on. It’s oldschool goodness! I miss those coin-operated arcade machines. I wonder how big these are. I could probably make some myself out of… uh… brownies.

Gameboy Cake

Uh, happy birthday Nikolas :D Hahaha. Gameboy cake this time. Nice blue, almost looks fuzzy.

Nintendo DS Cake

Nintendo DS! I want a DS Lite so badly. :[ Black M&Ms, and some game called “Taste Me” hahaha.

Xbox 360 Cake

An Xbox 360, with 2 controllers for added fun. :D The controllers, they look so yummy. Aaaah.

Wii Cake

Finally, a Nintendo Wii! I like how this was made, it looks really really good. Like the stuff of wedding cakes. Mmmmm. I read up on the procedure and it looks pretty complicated, well since it has to stand and all. Good luck if you’re ever gonna try these :D

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Heath Ledger is dead.

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008

Heath Ledger

Tragedy. I got the message just an hour ago, and had to check the net. No exact details yet on the cause, just that he was found dead by an in-house masseuse in Mary-Kate Olsen’s apartment surrounded by pills. Everybody’s talking about it now, I personally am having trouble accepting it.

I’ll forever remember 10 Things I Hate About You and A Knight’s Tale. And how he took Joker’s character to a whole new level. We’ll miss you Heath.


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Sad Family Reunion

Monday, January 14th, 2008


At the risk of sounding mean, I’m sharing this anyway. I’m sorry, the chicks are really cute though :[ I want one. Or ten. Help.

I know. Wah poor things :[

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Top 10 signs you’re at a bad New Year’s Eve party

Monday, December 31st, 2007

New Year’s Eve Party

I actually have 2 lists, from the infamous David Letterman (and of course his writers haha, I miss my shows). So the first list, from 1996. Top ten signs you’re in a bad New Year’s Eve party:

10. Champagne is just a mixture of 7-Up and malt liquor

9. To beat the traffic, most people leave when the countdown is “6″

8. At the stroke of midnight, everyone starts doing their taxes

7. You’re pretty sure the drunk next to you is the late Guy Lombardo

6. Everyone has to be back in their own cells by 10:00 PM sharp

5. It’s just you and the automated time-telling lady on the phone

4. Everyone’s speaking whatever language “Auld Lang Syne” is

3. At midnight, your host turns to his girlfriend and screams, “Helen! Release the iguanas!”

2. Passed out in the onion dip is Robert Downey Jr.

1. Macarena! Macarena! Macarena!

And the second list, and I think the top 1 of this one is better haha :D

10. Brand of champagne: Dom Deluise

9. At midnight everyone gathers around to watch your Uncle Earl’s pants drop

8. You wake up the next morning wearing a medallion and there’s a note from Al Sharpton that says, “I’ll call you”

7. You hear a guy count down before using the bathroom

6. Joycelyn Elders is there trying to get herself drunk

5. It’s eleven o’clock at night, and you’re watching Roger Ebert play Twister

4. Six times in a row, a champagne cork lodges in your trachea

3. The so-called “Party Hats” are really Letterman’s old hairpieces

2. Everyone’s gathered around the TV watching that geezer from “American Bandstand”

1. It’s over by 9:30

Hahaha! Happy New Year everyone! Here’s to a great 2008, with all its surprises, hopes and blessings. May we only look back at the good things from 2007. Cheers! :D

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Thursday, December 6th, 2007

Wow some people have too much time on their hands. Look at this.

Kinda funny though. I wonder where the cow came from. Haha. :D Maybe I should check my closet, I have socks just like those.

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Freaky optical illusion

Thursday, October 18th, 2007

Well, optical illusions are pretty old, but they never cease to amaze me :D Here’s one for you, don’t stare at it too long though, you might get a headache.

Click the link to see it, I put a cut because it hurts the eyes a bit. (more…)

Don’t be afraid

Monday, October 1st, 2007

Hey You

I like this image. I mean it’s got cute dogs in it, and that’s good enough for me! Actually that’s what first caught my attention about this pic, I thought it was just a random pic with cute dogs.

But now reading this, it’s just a nice way of presenting a familiar but much-needed piece of advice. Never be afraid to say what you feel.

Especially when it comes to people pressuring you about something, or jokes that you don’t really like, things like that. Be good to yourself, people will respect you for it. :]

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The Gingerbread PC

Tuesday, September 25th, 2007


I know I already gave it away with the title, but…can you believe this is a PC? Looks delicious! :]

This is actually a case mod, meaning, some guy made a custom case for his PC. And what a nice idea for a design :D Found on Envador. The other side looks even better hehehe. Details below:


  • The icing was made with weather-stripping caulk.
  • The gingerbread walls were made with hardboard (basically pegboard without the holes).
  • The fake candies and other decorations were bought from Hobby Lobby.
  • HDD, DVDRom, PSU are mounted on underside of platform (see in-the-making pics below)
  • Small-sized PC components were from a Shuttle XPC SFF (Small Form Factor) Barebones Kit

It’s almost October, so this is very timely, almost Christmas anyways hehehe. If you wanna see the other pics, including what it looks like inside and “the making” images, go to Envador.

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One for shirt-folders everywhere.

Monday, September 17th, 2007

At home there are certain chores that are assigned to me, like washing the dishes, dusting, ironing the clothes, and also folding them. Well here’s a freaky but cool thing I friend showed me that I’m thinking of trying out.

I present to you, the freakishly fast way to fold shirts. Observe.

Cool eh? I’ll try it out later :] Although I do assume that it’s not as easy as it looks. Heheheh.

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