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Ambiguous signs

Here’s a set of pictures that are not to clear. They’re from the US government department of homeland security:

Safety against Radiation:

US Government Safety Signs

Real caption: Time. Minimizing time spent exposed will also reduce your risk.

Parody caption: Try to absorb as much of the radiation as possible with your groin region. The current world record is 5 minutes, 12 seconds.

And another one:

US Government Safety Signs

Real caption: Local authorities may not be able to immediately provide information on what is happening and what you should do. However, you should watch TV, listen to the radio, or check the Internet often for official news and information as it becomes available.

Parody caption: When the looting begins remember to consider the weight/value ratio. Here we have a few examples of high value, low effort.

Hilarious. Check out the others here, without the original captions. Give me other captions for these if you can think of any haha. :D

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4 Responses to “Ambiguous signs”

  1. Bee Says:

    Wth.. groin region. Wow. How about this for the first pic:

    “See how long you can brave the radiation! This guy just exceeded the human limit of 5 minutes, and is about to grow a third arm!”


  2. Cookie Says:

    Is that a Guinness World Records? :D

  3. lilybethflame:hellokitty.com Says:

    You always give me a case of chuckles! ^^

  4. the_rock_out:hellokitty.com Says:

    hahah chuckles.

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