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A lot of things have changed lately, and for the better I should say. Lots of luck has come my way, on- and offline. I love the idea of one minor detail changed changes one’s whole perspective and it’s well worth the trouble.

Today when I logged on to HKO, the first creature I smacked (I’ve been smacking the Croogar Captain for about a week now) gave me his pet card. So I felt happy & lucky, a great start of another welcome day! Here’s my new pet:

Needless to say I love him to death.
Good things come to those who wait.

Unexpectedly an event organised by GM-Chamomile and GM-Tanzanite: a maze race in Beijing the Cham way. We had to run from one GM to the other. Whoever was the first to arrive won the race. The winners got a samurai outfit! Yayyy!

Here I’m with my friend Piquina:

And here are some of the winners:

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