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Happy Birthday Berry!

Victorsaurus Lloromannic Berry Birthday

Berry is a  character from “Lloromannic” along with Cherry.

Source: Sanrio’s Hello Kitty Blog

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Here are some Cinnamoroll plushies with their Halloween costumes.



Source: Cinnamon Staff blog

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Lloromannic vs Cinnamoroll

This is the first picture that i’ve seen with the Lloromannic with Cinnamon and his friends. Here Berry and Cherry are causing trouble like always, As you can see there’s some mischief here:

  •  Cherry always had a crush on Espresso (as mentioned on the Lloromannic profile) so here we can see how she reacts towards him.

  • Cherry seems to be telling some lies to Mocha, making her feel bad.

  • Berry is pulling Cinnamoroll’s ear.

  • Chiffon is kicking Berry, I think he’s having fun.

  • Cherry stole Milk’s pacifier (poor Milk)

  • Berry seems to be planning on entering Cappuccino’s dream since he has not yet transformed into his more evil self.

  • Berry and Cherry are following Cinnamon, but he seems to not noticed.

 Source:  Hamu’s Sidewalk Cafe

I’ve also added a new page called “Miku Hatsune Clock” so please check it out.

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Here are some pictures of the Sanrio characters known as the Lloromannic, they are dark versions of there sibling Cinnamoroll                                                            (  Lloromannic is Cinnamoroll spelled backwards) The black one is Berry amd the pink one is Cherry ( she has a Gothic Lolita look).   They appear in one of the “Onegai My Melody” series, I think they appear in Onegai My Melody Sukkiri♪.        

Aren’t they cute??? 



 Lloromannic Plushies

 Lloromannic Shoes

 Here is there official Japanese website:


Sanrio is making a couple of dark/evil version of there Sanrio characters:

 Evil Hello KittyEvil Hello Kitty KuromiKuromi

I wonder if Kiki and Lala the 2 “Little Twin Stars” Will be next, they could be called “Evil Twin Stars” or something like that.

 Little Twin Stars

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