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This is my Hello Kitty collection, even though Kitty White is not my favorite Sanrio character, not even on my top 10. I still like having some of her merchandises since she’s the main Sanrio mascot.

Victorsaurus HK Collection1

 Victorsaurus HK Collection2

Victorsaurus HK Gift Cards

Victorsaurus HK CellPhone Charm

I also made a video of my collection, it can be found on Youtube, here’s the link.

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New Mighty Fine tees, these are a collaboration between Sanrio and Street Fighter.

Victorsaurus Mighty Fine Tshits

They have style for both male and female. The site normally sells them for $25 each. They seem to be out of stock or something’s wrong (they were released like 2 days ago) anyways here’s the link, you can also search for “Sanrio” or “Hello Kitty”.

I own 4 Might Fine T-shirts. 1 Sanrio tee (which I posted pics before) and 3 MLP:FiM Tees. They are made of great materials and they are really thin yet comfortable.

About Mighty Fine’s Store:

WeLoveFine.com is the online hub selling the most creative licensed designs on the web! Established in 2009, our stock features mens ‘ and women’s pop-culture-savvy t-shirts - plus a variety of hats, bags, and art prints - covering fan-beloved characters including Star Wars, My Little Pony, Marvel Comics, Hello Kitty, Adventure Time, Scott Pilgrim, Jem, Disney, Star Trek, Sesame Street and more.

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Hello Kitty Mega Monster Cosplay Collection

Will fix soon

This is my Cell Phone Charm Collection:

 My Cell Phone Charms

Excluding the 2 Cinnamoroll charm and the HK face charm they all came from Gashapon/Gacha  capsules vending machines.

The turtwig charm has a screen cleaner on the other side and the Disney Princess/Belle charm has a mirror on the other side.

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HK Class of 2009This is old news, but I finally finished my nursing bachelor’s degree, so a few days before my graduation (June 4, 2009) I bought myself this cute Kitty White graduation plushie, on the back it says “Class of 2003″ (so sad)  The Sanrio boutique I go to alot keeps all the old stuff they don’t sell, but, anyways I had to get it for my car.

The plushie reminds me of the Kitty Lab promotion McDonalds had.

 HK Graduation


Special thanks to iheartbadtz for helping me with the Technorati tags

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First off all, the picture was edited by Kel for me, a reward for putting a comment on one of her blog post.


This is 2 Sanrio Valentine’s Day cards pack that I bought a couple of days B4 the Valentine’s Day of 2009 (I actually saw 5 different kind, but I liked these 2 much better).




Kitty White Vday Tatoos

Angry Kuromi Sticker

Angry Kuromi Sticker

Cinnamoroll pencil with eraser and sharpener all together, Kuromi mascot pen and a Kuromi mechanical pencil.

 Pencil, pen, Mpencil

Kuromi ring keychain and a Badtz-Maru mini chewing gum pack

 Kuromi keychain & Badtz gum

McDonald’s Happy Meal Sanrio Watches #1 HK Pink Star and #8 LTS

 Sanrio Watches

Hello Kitty Big City Dreams for the Nintendo DS


Limited edition 1GB Hello Kitty Memory Stick I won @ the Founder’s Finale Trivia Game and a HK bumper sticker.

 HK USB Memory Stick and Sticker

Kuromi Steering  Wheel  Cover (pics from Hottopic.com)

 Kuromi Steering  Wheel Car CoverKuromi Steering  Wheel Car Cover

Here are some pictures of some of my Sanrio stuff.

 Sanrio Stuff1

Cinnamoroll plushie

 Sanrio Stuff 2

Kuromi puffy stickers, Badtz-Maru stickers and Cinnamoroll stickers (I bought the one on the right 3 times)

 SAnrio Stuff 3

Mimmy & Kitty White composition paper, Chococat mini spiral notebook, Cinnamoroll and Little Twin Stars stickers, Cinnamoroll book cover which i’m using as a poster.

 Sanrio Stuff 4

Kuromi: notebook, folder, sticker, bubble head

Badtz pencil and wallet, Chococat key cap and pin

HK: pencil, gummy snacks, elephant cell phone charm, pin,  keychain/flashlight

 Sanrio Stuff 5

Not authentic/not official Badtz-Maru towel

You can view the cell phone charm much better here

Here’s a picture of all my plushies except for baby Pegasus from Disney’s Hercules and Butterfree from a Burker King Pokemon promotion which I forgot.

Since I don’t own a camara besides the one on my cellphone I didn’t take a new pic. 

 My plushies

 Here are some if my favorite figures

 My figures1

I have over 50 of those small Pokemon figures x_x

Next time i’m posting pictures of my small Sanrio Collection.

BTW has anyone had problems with this month (Feb.) Emoticons from the download section? because I downloaded them from 2 computers and they don’t move, they are not even Gifs.

Kiki angryLala Angry

HK NurseSince i’m a nursing student and a big Sanrio fan, I decided to share this information about a Hello Kitty Theme Hospital that opened in Taiwan a while ago. This hospital is called the “Hau Sheng hospital” and it’s director is called “Tsai Tsung-Chi”. I really would like to work here, even though i’m a guy , I would not mind wearing pink since it’s my second favorite color.

What do u guys think about it?    Here are some pictures and a video.

HK Hospital1

 HK Hospital3HK Hospital2

 HK Hospital4

Some news about it can be viewed here: 1  2  3  4  5

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