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Just adding two quizzes to keep my blog active. I have also been updating my wish list.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Quiz

TMNT Quiz Victorsaurus

Leonardo is my favorite turtle, so I’m happy with my result.

Pretty Little Liars Quiz

Pretty Little Liars Victorsaurus The main characters are girl, so I’m okay getting “A” though we don’t know who “A” really is. I like the mysterious part.

These are 2 series I’m currently watching along with: Once Upon a Time,  The Amazing World of Gumball, Ridiculousness, Adventure Time, Sailor Moon Crystal, Supernatural, Switched at Birth, Pokemon, Sonic Boom, Attack on Titan (I think it ended)

 Just a quick random post on my Pokémon Global Link house and a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic quiz.

Victorsaurus PKMNGL

My favorite Pokémon

Victorsaurus Quiz MLPFiM

I’m just like my favorite pony “Rainbow Dash”.

Tommorow’s Christmas, so good night, Cinnamon is already in bed, go and take a look…

Victorsaurus CN Sleepy Xmas

 Source: Pokemon Global Link, My Little Pony, Cinnamon Staff

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Which Cinnamoroll Are You? QuizWhich Cinnamoroll Are You? Quiz

I answered “hunting for adventure” since I love adventuring and my result was “You Are Cinnamoroll” (I added a missing “n” to Cinnamoroll) The result is really accurate. Have to be careful not to get into trouble ^^

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Spare Time QuizSpare Time Quiz

I prefer to watch Television or a movie, I like the result cause they matched me with Azuki (my favorite of the Cinnamoangels group), but I don’t like ancient history…it’s so boring.

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Ice-cream Flavor QuizIce-cream Flavor Quiz

I like blueberries, but never tasted a blueberry ice-cream, so I would like to try it. The result is also accurate.

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Ice-cream Toppings and Love Quiz

Ice-cream Toppings and Love Quiz

I like the toppings and the result, the result is sweet.

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