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   Once upon a time there was a grumpy selfish businessman that hated everything cute, one day while he was working he decided to go to the bathroom, when he entered he was transported to a place he has never seen, everything looked really cute, then all of the sudden he started getting visions of lots of Sanrio characters, suddenly a vision of Hello Kitty showed up, she told the man that he was transported to Sanrio Land because Sanrio Land was in big trouble and he with a group of other people were send here to save Sanrio Land and to learn to appreciate cuteness and all that it stands for. After an hour or so in this new world he learned to appreciate cuteness and became a better person.

   Now with a Hello Kitty hat that boost his defenses and a Hello Kitty Pen which may look weak and simple, but it’s actually really strong and magical he goes on to save Sanrio Land along from with his now found companion which he named “Chibi the Dinosaur”.

 Spooky Makeover2

This is Cinnamoroll’s number one fan, he loves collecting Cinnamoroll related stuff. As you can see, he is known to always be wearing a pair of Cinnamoroll slippers and a Cinnamoroll tee shirt. If you come across this character you won’t hear “how do I get there?”, “where can I buy that?”, “how can I make this?” what you will hear might be something like “do you have a Cinnamoroll hat to trade?” or “just give me a Cinnamoroll hat as a present, because that is the only item that I need”.

   If you see him please give him a Cinnamoroll hat. Most of the time he can be found in the Sanrio Harbour around the giant Cinnamoroll statue dreaming he would one day meet his idol and hoping that Cinnamoroll would bring him the hat he wants so much.

 HKO’s Spooky Makeover

 The hat he wants:Cinnamoroll Hat

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Here are 3 Cinnamoroll wearable items from the game Hello Kitty Online.

Cinnamon Hat                   Cinnamon T-Shirt

 Cinnamoroll HatCinnamoroll T-Shirt

Cinnamon Slippers

 Cinnamoroll Slippers

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Here’s a picture of my Hello Kitty Online dream room:

 Cinnamoroll House

It has some of my favorite stuff: favorite Sanrio character (Cinnamoroll), fave color (blue) and the sky.

If you play HKO, how would you like your dream house to be? or if you already have a picture of your house/room send me a link to see it.


 Cinnamoroll Room Artwork: http://hellokittyonline.levelupgames.ph/mediahko/artworks

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