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Hey Mocha, your friends have something to make your party so much better, just look behind you.

 Victorsaurus CN Mocha1

Happy Birthday Mocha!

Victorsaurus CN Mocha2

More Cinnamoroll 10th Anniversary stuff this week.

Source: Cinnamoroll staff blog and Sanrio US blog (Feb. 20, 2012)

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Like I mentioned in a sneak peak last time, there’s a new Cinnamoroll collaboration, this time it’s with Sayumi Michishige, best know from the J-pop group “Morning Musume”. They had an Valentine’s event to promote the collaboration. Here are some pictures:

Victorsaurus CN Sayumi1

 Victorsaurus CN Sayumi2Victorsaurus CN Sayumi3Victorsaurus CN Sayumi4


Sayu’s Official Blog

Cinnamoroll’s 10th Anniversary Page

I’ll be posting more Cinnamoroll 10th Anniversary stuff  this week until next month.

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Victorsaurus Cinnamon Bake

One day Cinnamoroll was baking a cake for a special friend.

Victorsaurus Cinnamon Usagi1

After making the cake, Cinnamoroll found on the window of Cafe Cinnamon a cute pink bunny plushie, since his special friend likes bunnies, he decided to put it on top of the cake.

Victorsaurus Cinnamon Usagi2

Cinnamoroll then left the kitchen to answer a phone call, when he arrived 10 minutes later, he discovered that the plushie was in fact a real bunny and that it had eaten the cake he prepared.

Victorsaurus Cinnamon Usagi3

Cinnamoroll wonders who’s this mysterious hungry bunny?

Victorsaurus Cinnamon Usagi4

This bunny is actually a character from a Japanese idol that is having a collaboration with Cinnamoroll. Hopefuly I will post more later this week.

Source: Cinnamoroll Staff Blog

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Daiwa Royal Hotel (some of them) in Japan had made  2 Sanrio theme room, one for HK and the other for Cinnamoroll, here’s some pictures of the Cinnamoroll theme.

 Victorsaurus CN Hotel1

Victorsaurus CN Hotel2

Victorsaurus CN Hotel3

Source: Daiwa Royal Resort Japanese site

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